Monday, January 26, 2015

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library has been on my adventure list for some time. I've managed to avoid it with every trip north. The next time...the next time, I tell myself. This time I did it. Thanks to my pushy teen who would rather do anything than spend a weekend "stuck" at home.

I'm not very political. The idea of a presidential library just interested me.
I'm one of those people who want to know what things are about.
We have two presidential libraries here in California: Reagan and Nixon.
I've read about some interesting exhibits at the Reagan library so naturally I'm intrigued with this one more than the other. After visiting the Reagan library, I think I will make a special trip to the Nixon library in Yorba Linda.

This is the outside of the library. It sits up on a hill in Thousand Oaks, California. The panoramic views are amazing. They really are!

So that was the outside of the library. Here are some pictures from inside:

A map of North America in 1774. Notice California as an island and the Pacific Northwest into Canada marked as 'Unknown'.

There are many interactive stations throughout the library. My teen was really into it. I loved seeing her learn about someone she probably didn't know existed or feel important before this trip. And the videos and audios gave her a chance to explore on her terms. I was really surprised at how much she enjoyed the museum.

The inaugural clothes of President and Mrs. Reagan.

An exact replica of the Oval Office during Reagan's terms.

A room devoted to his most recognized speeches and a photo op. 
Who can turn down a photo op? 

Marine One
And my favorite of the day, Air Force One.

We were able to walk through the entire plane set up as it was during the Reagan presidency.
But no pictures were allowed.

The current special exhibit is iconic Hollywood cars.

I was eager to see the BatMobile. A movie I was totally obsessed with in my tween years.
I obsessively watched Batman Returns until I could memorize all of CatWoman's lines.

This surprisingly was my favorite car in the exhibit. A Mash Hadley from the movie Sabrina. 
I've never seen the original movie but I will now. I asked one of the older gentleman docents what his favorite car in the exhibit was and he pointed me in this direction. He came back later to ask what I thought and talk about its role in the movie. 
I was reminded how cool people are. And that I should talk to strangers more often.

Outside the library is a memorial for Ronald Reagan who passed away in 2004. It's a nice way to walk away from a place that honors him.

Overall, a very cool and a highly recommended trip.



  1. The first Marine Corps ball I went to with Mike was there! It's sooo pretty.

  2. How cool! I love seeing presidential places. :)

    We have several Air Force Ones we can tour here at the National Museum o the Air Force, and it's always so neat to take our guests through! :)

    PS - those views are GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh wow!! I had no idea it would be that interesting! I imagine just books! LOL John LOVES Reagan! We'll have to make it out there one day!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. It looks amazing. I only wish that we had one near us. My daughter & I were trying to come up with ideas for the library bulletin board at her school for February. Maybe we will have to presidential libraries rather than the usual president fact type stuff. hmmm... What to do? Can't wait to see your next trip.