Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rock Mountain Preserve Trailhead

The plan was to have a relaxing weekend. It may not have been relaxing in the sense of curling up on the couch with my book and hanging out in my yoga pants but I still enjoyed myself. And I felt pretty good starting this work week. In fact, I text my husband today saying I had fun this weekend.  Of course, there was a shopping trip (the first in the new year) that he gets no credit for. But the hike was all his planning. 

I always get a little nervous when my husband picks out the trails. He loves the path less traveled. I always get a little anxious when he announces we are hiking a new trail. Which is a surprise until we pull up and the sign looks like the above. Maybe there is one beat up car parked in the lot. I admit, I say a little prayer it's not a mass murderer. The thoughts cross my mind. 

Sometimes, I think the husband would much rather make is own trail than hike a pre-existing one. Which is kind of fun to consider and freaky all at the same time. But he gets us very close to no trails. From now on when you see a post with this rugged terrain, you will know who picked it.

It was a fairly short hike. A third mile up the hill or half mile down to the creek. Either direction the trail was steep and rocky.  Fallbrook is all steep and rocky. 

The view half way up the trail. Lots of farms around.

A little closer to the top. Things got a little rocky. Ky and I were rethinking going to the top.

It's hard to quit when you are so close to the end of the trail. 
Sweet victory to get a picture at the (almost) top.
The hill behind us was the top but it wasn't family friendly climbing to get over there. So we settled for the almost top.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yoga Pants For The Win!

After four wonderful days of freedom, I have decided President's Day is my new favorite holiday! The pressure of Thanksgiving and Christmas is too much to bear. I love the simplicity of a holiday that just pops up mid month with no expectation to spend money. That is what holidays should be about!

I have been anticipating this one for awhile. This break would be the first since having kids at the site. My stress level has been pretty high. Partially my fault because I don't unwind ever. I just keep doing the stuff that needs to be done and never do the stuff that I enjoy. So I vowed to do what I enjoyed for four days.

My number one priority was yoga pants. I thought wearing yoga pants for four days sounded like a good start. I can report I wore them 3 out of 4 days. Sunday was church day. My church would be ok with yoga pants but I'm not. I chose the next best thing... A maxi dress. It's a step up from yoga pants, in my opinion, but not too high up.

So Friday I woke up and put on my workout gear with no intention of breaking a sweat. There is such sweet satisfaction in that. I got my hair cut and then headed to Oceanside to drop my daughter off for winter camp. The rest of the day was spent on base getting our taxes done, lunch with the Marine, and a trip to the commissary. Not my idea of fun but I wore the yoga pants. Friday night was chocolate, wine, and blog reading. 

Saturday started with a new pair of yoga pants and workout shirt with no intention to exercise. I spent the morning cleaning and the afternoon shopping for house stuff. I'm really good at enjoying life huh? At the end of the day the house looked amazing and we got some discount tile for our master bath or kids bath. We haven't decided.

Sunday was church day and picking up Ky day. We went to church, had lunch at our favorite Oceanside restaurant, and did a quick drive by the beach. I would have loved to put my feet in the sand. Now that we live farther from the ocean it feels like we never go to the beach anymore. But we saw the Top Gun house along Coast Highway which is awesome because that means they haven't torn it down yet.

Which made me decide Monday should be a beach day. Ky has been begging to go to the tide pools in La Jolla. I've been wanting to go to the Veterans Memorial at Mt. Soledad. San Diego was our destination. I forget how beautiful SD is. The water and rocks in La Jolla are  vastly different from the coast in North County. Plus La Jolla has a little cove which has become home to many harbor seals. They are a blast to watch. 

What would be a family outing for this Semper Fi Fam without some military thing thrown in? The Veterans Memorial at Mt. Soledad gets a lot of press around here because of the big white cross on the property. I won't talk politics. Let me tell you about the awesome tribute the memorial is to military vets! Hundreds of pictures of young men and women who have served in the military, in combat, many who risked their lives for freedom. It's an amazing 360 degree tribute.

That's the story of my new favorite holiday. And how wearing yoga pants makes life better!

Monday, February 17, 2014

House Inspiration

Are you ready to talk house stuff? It has been awhile. I'm starting to get excited about house stuff again. We went into freeze mode for a few months with Christmas becoming a priority. Our kids like gifts so we thought we should buy some. Which means we don't buy anything else until we've crossed off the entire list. 

March is around the corner and life has slowed down a bit. We have been thinking about renovations. The big question is What to do next? What is worth doing when we consider reselling. My husband loves thinking about renovations and doing the work himself. I'm not really sure where I stand. It's fun but overwhelming. I care more about paint and furniture. He is more about tearing stuff up and replacing it. He thinks we are going to pull up all the carpet in our downstairs and replace with wood flooring. He says it's going to be easy. I'm not really sure what the easy part is??? It sure doesn't sound easy! I would rather watch. I can be the cheerleader. I can hand him stuff. I'm hoping that is what he means by we

He is focused on the floors. He wants to replace the floors soon. We were a little unsure about our color so I suggested going to some nearby model homes for inspiration. Visiting these model homes is like stepping right on a real life Pinterest board. Everything is perfect. I have so much fun going through these homes and getting ideas. I'm sure you remember my first post and second. Wouldn't it be great if these model home tours were like a thing? A ladies night out thing where they served wine, appetizers, and teach you how to decorate your home? I would so be on board.

We went to a few tracks. I took some pictures. This is one of my favorites. I love the built in shelving. I think this would work in our red room. We haven't quite figured out what to do with the space. I would like to make it into a reading room but not sure how much we would use it. I've thought about a craft room. Again not sure how much we would use it. Maybe a sitting room? I think we would use a sitting room. I think. It isn't an urgent decision since the flooring is going in first. But it would be nice to have a plan.

The next thing we saw in almost every house is tile work in the bathrooms. I love it. I want to put it in the kids' bathroom. The colored tile adds a little something extra. Their bathroom is almost identical to this one so it's easy to visualize how it would look. I'm not sure about colors yet. Right now we have monkeys with green and brown. I think my kids are outgrowing cartoon characters.  

I've been thinking about a bold color. Perhaps a shade of blue like the one below. I love the lime green as an accent color too. Although it might be a little too Seahawks for my kids though. My Broncos fan won't be to keen on Seahawks colors. It's a little to fresh in his mind. I've been considering grey and orange or grey and some bold blue color. Hmm...

Here is another quick change up for the kids bathroom. Drawer knobs. It adds a little something. Our house is so cookie cutter right now, we really to need to spruce it up with simple changes. 

Possible master bedroom colors. The orb lights are starting to grow on me. They are definitely trending now. The orb lights were in every house in almost every room. We might have to add one somewhere in this house.

I initially loved the cabinet color here with the stainless steel. However, I'm starting to lean towards black cabinets instead. Our flooring would be the color of the cabinets and we would have a darker color on the tiled backsplash. I'm guessing this will be happening in the next year. If the Marine Corps keeps my husband home. 

I took this picture for inspiration for our loft. I initially wanted a study space but my kids have rebelled against the idea. They do their homework at the kitchen table. Now I am thinking about creating a family space. A place where we can all be even if we are not doing the same things.  I want the oversized clock and the square coffee table for sure. 

We have so many ideas now for the house. We are going to be busy with lots of home reno projects! I am going to be the very best cheerleader for my husband while he executes every single one of them ;)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Valentine Day

How was your Valentine's Day? Were you wined and dined? Cozy at home? Red hot candlelight night? Never mind, I really don't want to know that! We kept it low key at home and I was ok with that.

I'm not sure if it's our age or the fact we've been married forever. But the whole romantic lovey-dovey day has lost its significance. Any day we aren't getting on each other's nerves is considered Valentine's Day around here. Partially kidding. Honestly, we do the whole buy-a-gift thing but that is about it. I really don't mind. Yes, I like Valentine's Day. Yes, I gift my husband and kiddos with chocolate. I usually plan a special dinner. I love an excuse to spoil my family. 

I am not noble and selfless and say crap like, "Flowers are a waste of money" or "The holiday is created to make money." We live in American people. Everything is created to make money. I  am the type of wife who wants her husband to buy her something. And when I say something, I really mean flowers. And chocolates would be nice too. But he doesn't. I take that back, he intends to buy the chocolates the night before if I ride along. In which, I feel What's the point? Because now I know what I am getting and I have to go with you to get them. 

I suggest a bottle of wine instead. Because that store is only 5 minutes away versus 25 minutes and I don't have to ride along to get that gift. Plus, I can totally eat the chocolates I bought him a week ago and he can have some of my wine! So we compromise (well... one of us compromises). It works. 

We cozied up on the couch and dug into the chocolates, enjoyed a glass of my favorite South Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, and watched Ellen. See, that is where my husband earns all his sweet wonderful husband points because he spoils me like that. But just once I'd like the flowers! Then he snapped some pictures of me so I could write something on my blog since I don't do that much anymore. Always looking out for me!

The great finale to our uber romantic evening... my husband falling asleep on the couch watching home reno shows and me catching up on my blog reading. I guess this is how old married people do Valentine's Day. Or maybe it's just this old married couple? Either way, it's working for us.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Assumption

Here is a great illustration of the consequence of assuming. This one makes me chuckle especially after the repeated lows of last week. Never underestimate the things that can go awry when kids get their hands on glitter. While having a little arts and crafts session with my kinders on Friday, I mistakingly assumed my careful instructions for glitter use were understood.

"Shake the glitter. Don't remove the white top. Got it, J?"

An eager nod was my answer.

I moved on to the next child needing my assistance. Only a quarter way around the table from J, I carefully examined a watercolor tray to point out purple for another student. It took me just short of 10 seconds before heading back to J and finding the mess below.

"Ms. F, can you help me?" Big brown eyes pleading. A project covered in glitter.

"What happened J? Did the top fall off?" He nods. "Were you shaking the glitter?" More nodding.

"I took the top off and it all fell out. Three times." He revealed. That's right. 

Red. Blue. Silver. Completely empty.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


No pictures here. Just some serious babbling. I have never really gotten too super personal on this blog but lately I just feel like I need it. Mostly about work. I don't really know who to talk to about work. I've been keeping a lot in and I don't quite think it is helping anymore. I unload on my husband and he helps by sharing what has worked for him. Or empathizing with his own work story. As a guy, he doesn't really get the girl part of it. The overanalyzing, self evaluating, and inability to let it go.

Lately, I've been remembering this teacher I had in junior high. His name is Mr. Haugen. He was probably the first "hard" teacher I ever had in school. He was considered difficult because he didn't tolerate messing around. A good quality for a junior high teacher. He would always say things like "Are you asking me or telling me?" And if you ever said Sorry which I did a lot. He would yell, "Your not sore-re!" Which just about made me cry every time. Because I really was sorry! Sorry I made him mad. Sorry, I said sorry so he yelled at me. But that was just what he did. All the kids loved Mr. Haugen. I never really did. But, whatever, I had him for one class. I just did my work and tried not to talk.

Another thing he would say is "When you assume you make an ass out of you and me." Of course, he would yell that too. Clearly he just liked to freak out kids. But he had something with this assuming thing and over the past month I have discovered it's one of my greater weaknesses. I find I assume things and believe them. I forget to ask questions to clarify on both sides because I assume if you don't ask questions then you don't have any. I forget to follow up to make sure things were completed because I assume they would get done. I forget to check the invoice to confirm I was suppose to receive a 20 lb. bag of flour before getting stuck with a misdelivery for the rest of my existence because I assume if we get 20 pounds of flour we ordered it. I assume the child telling me his schedule knows his schedule. And every. single. time I get to be the ass again.

In the past 30 days, I have been painfully reminded 'assuming makes an ass out of you and me (most of which was just me)'. I wish I could say it only took me once to learn but I'm confident January was filled with some pretty arsey days! So much I sit here in February wondering if I will ever learn my lesson. I know there will be growing pains. I'm trying not to beat myself up too badly but I do fill vulnerable. I stand with a group of women who have a years of experience in this program. I convinced myself they have never made any mistakes. I start questioning my worthiness of this job. Was I ready? Did they make a mistake? What do I really have to contribute?

It's the most terrible place to go but I go there. Right now I feel like the stuff I'm fumbling with is amateur stuff. Stuff any normal working professional made in their early twenties. But I didn't make those mistakes then because I was at home raising babies. Which makes me feel like even more of a misfit. I'm trying ladies, for all of the women who did this professional life backwards. The ones who married young, had babies, and then decided 'Hey I want an education. I want a career'. It's my driving force. Maybe I'm not carrying a flag forward for the whole group but I'm trying to pull myself up and suck up the fact that I'm not going to be perfect. I'm going to have to get really uncomfortable and humbled so I can gain the experience that I feel I'm ten years behind. When I learn the hard lessons (over and over again), finally fix the weakness which continually chap my backside, and start to feel like I've got this, I'm going to have a greater empathy for those just starting the journey. I'm going to be the back patter who says You can do it... This is normal... You will be so much better for it.

I've just spent way too much time typing this and I'm not even sure where the hell I ended up. I am a babbling mess up way too late. Clearly, I don't really know who to talk to about these things. I'm just curious if there is anyone out there who has ever felt this way? I don't care how old you are. Professionally, is this normal to go through these growing pains? Is it normal to question my adequacy? Or am I just a super sensitive borderline crazy person who is way too invested in her job? Does the insecurity go away eventually? Do you eventually just become so comfortable in your abilities that you stop worrying about your weaknesses and focus on your strengths?

Those are my questions blogosphere. Any wise people have answers to share?


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

He Took Me Out

Floating on cloud 9 over here. My husband turned the tables on me and took me out. Not only did he take me out but he planned the whole thing. Which never happens. Never. Even when we committed to start dating a year or so ago, he was really just driving me where I planned our date. That arrangement worked for us for about a year then I was like "Um... this isn't fun." So we stopped dating. Oh and there was a deployment thrown in there and some medical stuff to deal with. Anyways excuses excuses, right?

Bottom line is I gave up. I stopped making an effort to plan dates. All my planning seemed too forced. It wasn't fun. So no more dates. Yes, we went to dinner or ran to the grocery store alone. Sometimes, we took a quick trip to Lowes without children on a Saturday afternoon. Only on the quiet afternoons when the kids were not acting like they might possible do something to destroy the house or one another while we were gone. But errand trips alone aren't enough to keep the love alive, if you know what I mean. I think he started to realize it too.

Saturday afternoon my husband announced 'we were going on a date'. How about that?!? I kind of thought he might have planned something because I did catch a glimpse of a ticket confirmation in the email. A comedy club. Not bad. Then he told me our dinner reservations were at 6. Um...dinner... and reservations? Well played!

We had dinner at a local Italian restaraunt. Not the best food but great wine. Over dinner I asked him if he had Yelped this place and he said yes. Be still my heart. The boy has been trained! Off to the Murrieta comedy club.  We are talking big time over here. A bingo hall type room with metal chairs and VIP seating on pleather love seats with cup holders. Battery operated tea lights to call your waiter.  A fine selection of Barefoot wine. My husband was in his comfort zone. The entertainment wasn't so bad. The comics were funny enough. The best part is my husband took me out. I loved that. Not sure if it was a fluke or a new leaf turned. I will reward his date for a date. And we will see where things go from there.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Got My Hair Did!

Is there anything better than having your hair done?  I think it must be top five on my favorite ways to be pampered list. Plus, my hair never looks quite as good when I do it at home. First, I cannot get it as shiny and you should know I love shiny hair. Nor can I get it as straight. Which is super frustrating too.
Have you ever seen the question:  If you could have a chef, masseuse, or housekeeper for a year, what would you choose? All of those are very tempting but I think I would choose a hairstylist. I'm just not a big fan of doing my hair. I have to cut my hair just to keep from defaulting to a ponytail. I really do that!

Check my sidebar to see who these lovely ladies are!

This month's blate {blogger + blate} was so very appealing to me!  Katie over at Going Coastal with the Plumes set up an afternoon at a nearby blow dry salon. Our growing group of San Diego area military spouse bloggers met on a Sunday afternoon to mingle, be primped, and pampered by the Blo Blow Dry Bar staff. For two hours, we sipped champagne, nibbled on chocolate covered strawberries and homemade cookies, and took turns letting the stylist do their magic.

Seriously, the whole concept of a styling salon is genius to me! A menu of style choices was the best! Glam, Beachy, Posh, or Casual. Those aren't the official names but the styles run the gamut on personal preference. I went with the beach waves. A style I have not mastered on my own. I think it was the best choice.

I love experiencing this salon with a group of girls. As always, it was fun and lighthearted. Much nicer to share a station with a new friend than alone. In fact, my new friend, Jordan from Embrace the Adventure, was a blogger I had never "met". By met I really mean read her blog. Jordan is such a ball of energy and definitely a new blog worth reading!

Maybe the pocketbook can't handle weekly trips to the blow bar. However, I know where I will be getting my hair done for the Marine Corps Ball! I swear between Rent The Runway and Blo bars, I will actually look forward November!