Monday, November 3, 2014

Time Well Spent

These days our lives revolve around one thing--or should I say person. The teenager. It has been a tough couple of months adjusting to high school and all the things that comes with it. Our perfect little angel grew her big girl wings and she's been testing them out in a big way. She likes the freedom of fluttering around her social groups depending on me to get her there. It's been a big lesson and still remains a big lesson in letting go. Or maybe trust is the better word.

Since the first day of high school, we've be introduced to upperclassmen friends, boys in the social groups, makeup, wardrobe issues, among other cringe worthy things. It's not that any of these things are particularly bad but when they hit you all at's a lot to process. I will spend my whole life regretting the way I wished those early years away. If I had only known these days would be so much more challenging than the terrible twos. Way back then I could corral her safely in our home, away from the outside influences. Oh how I took that for granted.

The only thing I know to do is keep influencing her when I get my moments. Mommy and me time. Yep, still important in the teen years. She has really become interested in photography. This semester she is taking a photography class and has a big semester project finding alphabet letters in everyday things. I offered to take her to a couple places around town that she might find a few "letters". The time out and about may have been more beneficial to me than her. We don't take a lot of time anymore to do something unscheduled or unnecessary. So sad but true. We just have too many activities between five people. Yet moments together sharing a hobby or down time is way better than running to get groceries together. Or supplies for this week's work projects.

Why are the simplest revelations always the ones that take so long to discover?

Here are some pictures from her photography sesh...

She loves to take pictures of flowers. Honestly she spent five minutes trying to get the perfecta angle on a purple flower I didn't post here.

Her school camera is so much better than mine. I love the way it captures the water drops on the petals. My lens isn't that powerful.

Let's see if you can guess the letters in the pictures below...

What letters did you guess? I think they were pretty obvious.

I asked her if she has done portrait photography yet. She said no, then took my picture.
I guess a person needs to start somewhere. Hmm, maybe that is the life lesson for both of us today?

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Save November!

During my weekly Target trip, I was reminded how quickly the calendar changes after we celebrate Halloween. It wasn't so much the multiplying rows of Christmas decor. Nor was it the bare aisles of marked down Halloween candy and decorations. What really got me was the Starbucks red cup in the hands of fellow shoppers. The snowflaked covered red cup which marks the Christmas season. Shame on you Starbucks. You jumped right over the best holiday on the planet... in my opinion. And sadly, it seems everyone else has followed suit.

What is so wrong with November? The middle child of the holiday season. Not quite so bold and robust as the first born October Halloween or as dazzling as the wintery December Christmas. However, November Thanksgiving brings something to the table... substance...emotion...relationship.

I'm making a stand to Save November! Think gratitude and giving! Family and friends! Turkey and carbs! Slow the pace of the month. Enjoy your days. We can debate Black Friday/ Thanksgiving Day shopping later. Right now... resist the urge to skip the best foodie holiday. Tell Starbucks you want the white cup. And don't forget to say 'Thank you!' ;)

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