Sunday, November 2, 2014

Save November!

During my weekly Target trip, I was reminded how quickly the calendar changes after we celebrate Halloween. It wasn't so much the multiplying rows of Christmas decor. Nor was it the bare aisles of marked down Halloween candy and decorations. What really got me was the Starbucks red cup in the hands of fellow shoppers. The snowflaked covered red cup which marks the Christmas season. Shame on you Starbucks. You jumped right over the best holiday on the planet... in my opinion. And sadly, it seems everyone else has followed suit.

What is so wrong with November? The middle child of the holiday season. Not quite so bold and robust as the first born October Halloween or as dazzling as the wintery December Christmas. However, November Thanksgiving brings something to the table... substance...emotion...relationship.

I'm making a stand to Save November! Think gratitude and giving! Family and friends! Turkey and carbs! Slow the pace of the month. Enjoy your days. We can debate Black Friday/ Thanksgiving Day shopping later. Right now... resist the urge to skip the best foodie holiday. Tell Starbucks you want the white cup. And don't forget to say 'Thank you!' ;)

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  1. I love this, and I agree! Thanksgiving is my favorite, and it seems like it just gets passed right over!

  2. Love this! I couldn't get over the aisles of Christmas stuff going up at Target two weeks before Halloween. Trying to find Thanksgiving decorations is a hard feat!

  3. I love this! I can't believe how fast all the Christmas decor is going up.