Thursday, July 31, 2014


I've been keeping up with the blog pretty well this month. I can barely believe it myself. I'm just a couple days away from returning to work. *Lots of grumbling* So who knows where this blog thing is going to go. From the looks of my side bar, it could go either way. I might neglect it like I did for almost the entire 2013-14 school year. Or it might be my therapy like during our 2012-13 deployment. Only time will tell. Until then here are the randoms I never know how to fit into a blog post.

Our foster dog, Bear, got adopted. We only had him for one week but he was so good. I would have traded him in for Charlie in a heart beat ;) But he went to a family of four who was ready to welcome a new pet into their home after the loss their family pet. He will be such an awesome fit but we miss him. The boys handled it well. Ky wasn't too happy. Although, she is ready to do go find our next foster dog.

After we dropped Bear off at his adoption event that morning we stopped by a garage sale and scored this desk. Which means I now have furniture in my gray room. Score! Now I need a chair.

Birthday present for my spoiled friend who received a new car for her bday. Given that it's an SUV, I thought the only appropriate gift would be a gas card. Since her wonderful husband left the very next day (thank you military) after giving her the car, I knew the wine was a must! 

Our excitement for the weekend was rain. Living in the desert makes it a big deal.  My daughter had to document it. She's becoming quite the photographer these days.

Then he left. On a great big Air Force plane. 

And we are almost through another week.  

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Here We Go Again...

The CO said this one is so short we could do it in our sleep.

Such a breeze to juggle it all. 

I'm an old pro. Hell I've done this six times already!

I'm so strong.

Thankfully, I knew what I was getting myself into when I married him. 

The kids are older so they will be a big help.

At least, I don't have to worry about cooking dinner. And think of all the money we'll save on groceries.

It's easier to let him go when he won't be dodging bullets the whole time.

And the cherry on top? I get the whole bed to myself and the remote!

When you put it that way, military wives are so lucky.

We should do this more often!

Don't Drink the KoolAid.

Don't buy into all the moto crap which makes you feel inadequate.

Feel the way you want to feel.

Deployment sucks no matter how many times you've done it.

Hang in there! I'm walking this one along side ya!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Paint Barrel

I think the theme of my summer has been getting in touch with my artsy side. First the sewing projects and now painting. Can't imagine what else I'm capable of! I was so excited to get the chance to attend a painting class.  I joined a group of friends last week at our local studio slash wine bar. I really had no expectations besides to have fun because I really don't consider myself artistic. So when I walked into the studio and say this wall, I was a bit overwhelmed. But I vowed to try my best.

The instructor picked out the birds on a wire painting and everyone in the room learned how to paint that particular picture. For two hours, the instructor walks you through each step of how to create this painting to look somewhat professional. Ok, maybe we can't go as far as saying professional. But it's decent. 

Here is a little peek into this particular studio.

Our group of six painting our lovely birds on a wire. Everyone puts their own creative touch on their painting.

Here I am demonstrating the goal of a painting class that serves wine. Never put your brush or cup down. At least that was my goal!
And because I am such a good little Marine wife I thought it only appropriate to add a CH-46 on the horizon. My husband was so impressed. I kind of was too. That thing is on point! Maybe I should teach these classes?!? I kid, I kid. 

Overall, great girls night out. I'm curious if any of you have tried this and if you enjoyed it? Or if you thought it was still difficult despite the instruction?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Easy Baby Burp Cloths

This summer has been baby overload for our Semper Fi Family. From May to July we have had the privilege of showering 6 mom-to-be(s) who are preparing for the arrival of 7 babies. I have definitely gotten my baby shopping fix. No complaints here. I love oohing and ahhing over all the cute little things new parents need to prepare for baby.

With my extra time this summer, I have enjoyed a little baby crafting for the recent showers we attended. I had taught myself via Pinterest to sew the chenille/flannel burp cloths. They are an easy and cute gift to make. 4 straight lines and you're done. However, the last shower I attended the mom-to-be received flannel/premade burp cloth combo. I thought those looked way more practical than the chenille ones I had made. I decided I would teach myself to make the flannel/ premade burp cloth version. Not a  huge challenge but still a new thing to tackle.

I have yet to find the perfect tutorial when it comes to easy sewing projects such as these DIY baby burp cloths. I decided to share my step by step picture tutorial for those who hesitate when it comes to sewing. I am in the same boat as you. I need those pictures of every single step to reassure myself I do not miss anything.

Step 1: Purchase pre-made burp cloths. I used Dundee brand purchased at Buy Buy Baby. Buy at least 1/3 yard of flannel. This will ensure the flannel is long enough to cover the length of the burp cloths.

Step 2: Wash, dry, and iron the pre-made burp cloths. Wash, dry, and iron the flannel.

Step 3: Align the flannel with the lines of your rotary cutting board to ensure straight cuts of fabric.

Step 4: Cut 4 inch width and 18 inch length of flannel for each pre made burp cloth.

Step 5: Fold 1/2 inch inseam on both ends (top and bottom) of flannel all the way across.

Step 6: Iron the 1/2 inch inseams to create a visible crease.

Step 7: Pin flannel to the middle of the burp cloth inseams in. I leave the long side unfolded for a raw edge. Make sure to center the flannel as best as you can so there is an equal amount of white burp cloth both lengthwise and widthwise of the flannel strip. * I left 1/4 to 1/2 inch space from top of the burp cloth.

Step 8: Top Stitch the flannel completely around the entire perimeter using a zig zag stitch. Remove the pins as you sew. Leave the long edges raw (unfolded) as you sew. Try to sew as close to the edge as possible without letting the foot feed go off the fabric.

Step 9: Your project is complete. Easy peasy!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Thred Up {July} Review

Oh boy do I have a great new website for you. I just discovered Thred Up and I want the world to know. It's an online consignment store for women and children. They sell name brand clothing purchased and consigned by people like you and me. They've been popping up in my email and side bars for a while so I finally caved. They offered 40 percent off my whole order. I couldn't pass it up.

My current wardrobe needs are work clothes for warm weather. Since rejoining the paid working world in 2009, I haven't worked (in office) during summer. Lucky me? Yes but now that we live in the desert things are changing. I'm gearing up to begin another work year and we've just now started hitting triple digits. Oh how I wish a swimsuit and flip-flops were appropriate work attire! Go figure my boss ain't having it.

Enter Thred Up with it's name brand, like new clothing. Life saver! I decided to place an order to check out the quality and convenience. Great experience ! Although there is a bit of lag time with everything. Processing your order, responding to emails, delivery of your product. I think it took about 2 weeks to get my order and 5 days to get a response to a question. Amazon and Old Navy spoil me with their efficiency. I really think the extra time is due to a growing company still working out the kinks of everything. Nothing more you can do but be patient. It's worth it!

I've decided to include a few pictures so you can see what Thred Up is all about.

The only slip up I found was on the jeans (in the upper left corner) were listed as the wrong size. But I can return them very easily. As far as quality the items were all in excellent like new condition. The price was fair especially with the 40% off for first time customers. I can definitely see myself ordering from Thred Up again (with a coupon).

Here is the breakdown of what I received:

Gap Kids Jeans
Banana Republic Midi skirt (black)

BR tank (red)

BR Vneck Tee (green)
BR Khaki Shorts
BR Lace Top (blue)

J.Crew corduroy pants (blue)
Leather belt

I've been too lazy to get myself put together and model these items for you. After all, it's still summer. No need to be ambitious! How about a raincheck?

Overall, I'm definitely hooked on Thred Up! All the clothes I received were in excellent condition, even the ones that read there was a tiny flaw. I'm also impressed with the prices when using a coupon code. Some of the prices a bit high but at 40% off, they are more within the range I want to pay for used clothing. I'm a satisfied customer!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blogger Lunch Date & Farewells

What a difference a year makes. Just short of a few months, five of us met at a small cafe in Del Mar. Katie was the group organizer. I still remember the email, " I was thinking...would you be interested..." she seemed to write with hesitation. I'm sure we all had the same thought...Could this really work? A group of multi-age women, strangers really, who only had blogging and military life in common. I figured we could be civilized for a two hour lunch but would there be another meet up? Would I want there to be another meet up?

Now I look at this picture and I know everyone by name. I want to tell you who they are, what they blog about, their personal stories. I want to tell you their strengths and why they make me want to go to these meet ups. All because somewhere between last fall and this summer, we became friends. Unconventional, blurred lined friends. 30 something, 20 something, officer spouses, enlisted spouses, parents, expectant families, newlyweds, Marines, Air Force, Navy. If nothing else, our group has broken all the military spouse rules of friendship. Or maybe we've just proven there are none!

And now we say goodbye :( Already?!? It hasn't even been a year. The unique life of military spouses. Jes is going to the Midwest so her husband can complete his schooling. This girl and I were in Japan at the same time only five minutes away. We were on Atsugi and their family on Camp Zama. However, we never met one another until our first blogger brunch last fall. But we frequented all the same places in Japan. She was smart enough to blog about it though! At least I can reminisce through her blog when I get lonesome for Japan. Good Luck Jes! Keep blogging we don't want to lose touch!

Our next blogger to leave is Elizabeth. A new and welcomed addition. Always the life of the party and much appreciated comic relief. Elizabeth and her husband are headed to Japan. Okinawa which is the more tropical and beachy Japan than what we knew. Just a tad bit envious of that one :)

Best wishes to you both. You were such a welcome addition to our group. I'm sure our paths will cross again!

Now for the picture roll of the randoms:

Our big chatty group at Casa Guadalajara.

The lonely restaurant serenader.

Outside the restaurant

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Movie Marathon {Summer Bucket List}

We completed our Movie Marathon! 9 hours. 4 movies. 0 Popcorn. Not even sure how we had a movie marathon without popcorn. Maybe we need a do over? Here was our movie line up:

*No matter your age, put this on your 'To Watch' list

Catching Fire & Cars 2
*old favorites :)

Another summer bucket list item completed! We just might finish this list!
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