Friday, July 25, 2014

Thred Up {July} Review

Oh boy do I have a great new website for you. I just discovered Thred Up and I want the world to know. It's an online consignment store for women and children. They sell name brand clothing purchased and consigned by people like you and me. They've been popping up in my email and side bars for a while so I finally caved. They offered 40 percent off my whole order. I couldn't pass it up.

My current wardrobe needs are work clothes for warm weather. Since rejoining the paid working world in 2009, I haven't worked (in office) during summer. Lucky me? Yes but now that we live in the desert things are changing. I'm gearing up to begin another work year and we've just now started hitting triple digits. Oh how I wish a swimsuit and flip-flops were appropriate work attire! Go figure my boss ain't having it.

Enter Thred Up with it's name brand, like new clothing. Life saver! I decided to place an order to check out the quality and convenience. Great experience ! Although there is a bit of lag time with everything. Processing your order, responding to emails, delivery of your product. I think it took about 2 weeks to get my order and 5 days to get a response to a question. Amazon and Old Navy spoil me with their efficiency. I really think the extra time is due to a growing company still working out the kinks of everything. Nothing more you can do but be patient. It's worth it!

I've decided to include a few pictures so you can see what Thred Up is all about.

The only slip up I found was on the jeans (in the upper left corner) were listed as the wrong size. But I can return them very easily. As far as quality the items were all in excellent like new condition. The price was fair especially with the 40% off for first time customers. I can definitely see myself ordering from Thred Up again (with a coupon).

Here is the breakdown of what I received:

Gap Kids Jeans
Banana Republic Midi skirt (black)

BR tank (red)

BR Vneck Tee (green)
BR Khaki Shorts
BR Lace Top (blue)

J.Crew corduroy pants (blue)
Leather belt

I've been too lazy to get myself put together and model these items for you. After all, it's still summer. No need to be ambitious! How about a raincheck?

Overall, I'm definitely hooked on Thred Up! All the clothes I received were in excellent condition, even the ones that read there was a tiny flaw. I'm also impressed with the prices when using a coupon code. Some of the prices a bit high but at 40% off, they are more within the range I want to pay for used clothing. I'm a satisfied customer!

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  1. OMG! I just signed up. AMAZING prices! I can't wait to order! Thanks for sharing!