Monday, November 4, 2013

The Funny Thing About Military Spouses

I've written countless times about the weird bond military spouses seem to have. I'm not sure I will ever be able to explain it. We tend to be a little more open, a little more outgoing, and a bit more aggressive when it comes to making friends. Most of us have learned if you want to stay sane in this lifestyle, then you are going to need a couple girlfriends within arms reach. And with PCS (moving) schedules averaging about three years, a person has to act fast! Even if you are moving every three years, the friends you make probably won't be on the same moving schedule as you. This means you are constantly making new friends because your "old" ones are moving. Yes, it's exhausting but I think we get used to it. 

Now that I am living off base and working off base, I am finding my potential friend base is non-military. While I do believe in the benefits of non-military friends and highly encourage military spouses to seek out non-military friends, the problem is they move a lot slower down friendship lane. (Which is a complete generalization, I promise!) I'm ready to invite my new friends over to Thanksgiving dinner and they are still in 'third date' mode. Like, hmm, not really sure if this is going to work out kind of thing. While my civilian friends still are making small talk asking all the preliminary questions that my military spouse buddy and I would have covered within the first 20 minutes of meeting at the park; I'm ready to cut through the introductions and start having some fun! 

Enter my new military blogger friends! We had our second blogger meetup this weekend, you will have to check out our first one HERE. Our little group of five met at South Coast Winery in Temecula. We had a short wine tasting and enjoyed lunch on the patio. Our conversation changed from exploring the area to jobs and job seeking and more. We joked and laughed and even crossed some 'second date' boundaries.  By the time we walked around the South Coast Wineryproperty, we were definitely talking long term commitment to our little military spouse blogger group. And brain storming ways to keep our group growing! I think it goes back to that moving schedule thing.

I can't say enough for all these gals. They really are such wonderful people. I'm listing their names and blogs, if you want to check them out.

Katie from Going Coastal
Emily from Just the Stew of Us 

If you are a Southern California military spouse blogger, then we would love to meet you! Really we would! Our next meetup is in December. Email me at adventuresofasemperfifamily{at}gmail{dot}com for more info. 


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  2. Yay new blogs to follow! You know what's funny? I just realized that even though I lived and worked off base at our last duty station, my closest friends I made at work were all connected to the military. A spouse of a recently retired man, a spouse of an active duty man, and a daughter of a military man. Weird! I never put two and two together until I read this post.

  3. I love your reflection on how quickly we can make friends, I've never really thought about it in that way before but you are SO right!! Excited to meet up again! :)

  4. I absolutely love this! :) All of it is so true and I love your perspective.

  5. I feel like I could make friends military-wife style. With kids and crazy schedules, I don't have much time to get to know people slowly. I'd rather just dive in and see what happens!

  6. Isn't it funny? You are all wonderful ladies, but who knows if we would have become friends without the military or the blogging connection. It's nice that because of the military, I've become friends with a ride range of people, people that I would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. I think it makes me a better, more well rounded person.

  7. I never really thought about it from that perspective but you're totally right! I had so much fun and I'm so glad to have met such a great group of ladies. Plus any reason to explore Southern California and drink wine is fine by me :) Come one, come all!

  8. This is so true! I wish we were still in SoCal!

  9. Oh my!!! so very true, sometimes I stop and wonder if I'm sharing too much about myself or asking too many questions with my non-mil related friends, or if I come out too strong. But I can honestly say that I cherish all my friends I keep a small group of friends I feel like I may scare them, hahahaha. Its hard letting go on the ones that you feel that connection that they actually get you or what you are going through