Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanks and Giving Project Recap

This week a group of bloggers joined together to complete a week of assigned Thanksgiving tasks. Today we come together to share those experiences. Please link up your post below!

Monday we Treated a Stranger. Random acts of kindness. There was no set way to carry out this task. I decided to buy a gift card and give to someone in need. However, I never did "find" that person to gift it to. I will be sure to be on the look out through this week.

Tuesday was Handwritten Note Day. I wrote my grandmother a note. I also wrote a quick thank you to my mail man. An random act of kindness idea I got from Pinterest. I will never know how that note was received but my hope is a simple 'thank you' went a long way!  My youngest wrote his own letter too. Such a sweet heart!

Wednesday we Treated A Neighbor, friend, or co-worker. I had big plans for delivering baked goodies on the doorstep of a neighbor's house early in the morning. Didn't happen! I went with Plan B: Treat a co-worker. When I stopped for my morning coffee, I picked up two packages of chocolates. A small gift. I placed each on their desks and went on with my day. Sometimes, it's the simple gestures. The ones you don't realize will matter. My favorite part of this whole week was the responses! This week has reminded me the importance of acknowledging others.

Thursday the task was to Leave Messages of Kindness. I lacked creativity and carried out this task via Facebook. This day I switched from being a Liker to a commenter. I tend to overuse the thumbs up sign. I don't usually comment. Facebook is how I stay up to date with all my faraway friends. My thumbs up is like a check in. However, I think comments are so much more fun to receive. When you verbalize what you "Like" it becomes more personalized. I guess in my hurry or laziness, I just skip the comments. Thursday I made a point to let others know those thoughts I don't share. My little way to change the focus from me to others.

Friday ended the week with Treating Our Family. My plan was a special dinner and board games. Family Night! On a whim, we decided to ditch school and play tourist. The decision was a little easier to make because of our out-of-state visitors (Gma & Gpa). We went to LA to explore Griffith Observatory (a favorite) and Hollywood.

Five days of gratitude and giving. I loved it! It's so nice to make a point to change the focus. I feel refreshed. Ready to turn back to thinking of the holidays. Shopping. Decorating. Fighting crowds. I can barely contain my excitement!

Thank you for those who joined. I hope you will create a recap and link up with us below!

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