Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanks and Giving Project {Day 2 Send Handwritten Notes}

I don't know how much time you need to scrounge up a stamp but in this house we are gonna start early! I know I have stamps. I just don't know where those things are!

Today we are sending out handwritten letters. Throwing it way back to the days of ink and paper.

Day 1 (Nov.18):  Treat a stranger.

Day 2 (Nov.19): Send Handwritten notes.

Day 3 (Nov. 20): Treat A Neighbor.

Day 4 (Nov. 21): Leave messages of kindness.

Day 5 (Nov. 22): Treat Your Family

After we gripe a little and get to writing... think how good it feels to put those words on paper. The anticipation of the letter arriving all cozy in those mailboxes. Oh I can't wait!

Who receives my letters today? It's a hard decision. Partly because so many deserve a handwritten note. Partly because I don't have time to write many.

I know my grammy will get a letter. My grandma used to be so good at writing letters. A surprise note found in a mailbox. My mailbox. A distant relative's mailbox. A friend of a friend. My grandma always wrote letters. Things have slowly changed and letters don't come so freely anymore. I suppose it isn't so easy for her to do these days. It's my turn to write the letters.

My second note will go to a former colleague. Boy do I miss her! In my years of employment, I find it rare to come across someone who is incredibly joy-filled. Someone who loves life. Loves their job. Loves people. Let's make a pact... when in life we come across these people... let's hold them tight. Let them know how refreshing they are! And when they move on... or you move on... let them know when you miss them.

I am committing to two letters today. I suppose there could be more on a whim. But two is a good start.

Who gets your handwritten notes today? Remember to take a picture! I can't wait to see all you have done this week for our Thanks and Giving Project!

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  1. Yesterday's act was fun. What was even more fun was witnessing the recipient finding the envelope and treat! I'm hoping this afternoon I can find an address that I need -- I was hoping to get the kids involved and have them help write a letter/card to a soldier [or Marine] overseas this holiday. But everything I am finding online says that you have to have a specific name on the mail or it goes undeliverable. :(

  2. On it this minute, lady! Tomorrow is going to throw me for a doozy haha!

  3. I love sending letters and cards and I never know when I'm going to get the urge to send one so I keep stamps in my wallet at all times! I've been working on my on my lunch breaks at work, I'm hoping to get up to a dozen in the mail today!

  4. I think this is such a wonderful idea! :)

  5. I love getting letters in the mail! Something unexpected amongst all the random crap & bills. I wrote several notecards yesterday to friends across the US. Thank you for the reminder.