Friday, November 15, 2013

Marine Corps Ball 2013

Of all the events we attend which are military related, the Marine Corps Ball is my favorite. The ball is a formal event held to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday on November 10. This year the Marine Corps celebrated 238 years. Now that is some history!

I love getting dressed up, eating a nice dinner, and dragging my Marine out on the dance floor. I love seeing everyone all dressed up, Marines and guests alike. And I love sharing this night with our Marine Corps family. It's always a night to let loose and have fun!

I think it is pretty standard that military units/squadrons/commands have a mascot. Can you guess what ours is? And can you guess what wildly popular song has become the theme song?


I also wanted to extend a personal invite for you to join me and my bloggy friends for a special Thanksgiving Project we are hosting. The Thanks & Giving Project officially starts next week (Nov.18-23).
Check out the details HERE!


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  1. You looked gorgeous. I love your dress.

  2. I love your dress! The USMC ball for us is tonight, so I'm looking forward to it! I always like seeing all the different dresses the girls wear, and of course to eat some cake! Haha :)

  3. Love your dress! Looks like a fun time! :)

  4. You and your marine looked amazing!! I'm glad to hear you had a good time!! I've yet to attend a military ball with my husband - I can't wait!! :)

  5. Just beautiful! :) So glad to hear that you had a nice time.

  6. You looked gorgeous! I can't get that fox song out of my head!


  7. With hubby and I both AD, we don't do the AF ball. I refuse to wear the women's dress uniform. I look ridiculous and I'm not shelling out the $$$ for the fancy one. You looked fabulous! Jealous.

    My Wholesome Home

  8. You look great! We didn't make it to the Navy Ball this year, but I'm looking forward to the Grand Winter Ball next month!

  9. You look lovely!!! What a stunning couple! :)