Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanks And Giving Project {Day 4 Leave Messages of Kindness}

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey! Today's Thanks and Giving Project task is to leave messages of kindness. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, voicemail. A note tucked away in a lunch box or wallet. Spoken words of gratitude as you leave... wherever you've been!

Day 1 (Nov.18):  Treat a stranger.

Day 2 (Nov.19): Send Handwritten notes.

Day 3 (Nov. 20): Treat A Neighbor.

Day 4 (Nov. 21): Leave messages of kindness.

Day 5 (Nov. 22): Treat Your Family

Today we will be kind. And observe. All the funny looks, reactions, and the kind words sent right back our way!

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