Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanks and Giving Project {Day 3 Treat A Neighbor}

Half way through the Thanks and Giving Project! Are you picking up steam? I hope you are finding joy in this project!

Neighbor is a relative term here. Today we define neighbor as someone you encounter daily. Your co-worker, a fellow parent, or maybe just your neighbor. No BFF necklaces needed. Or BFF iphone cases which is probably more relevant these days. Today we treat someone we might encounter often but don't necessarily know all that well. Today is an 'I see you' gesture. The simple act you mean to do more often but just can't find the time to initiate. 

Maybe you will bring cookies or coffee. Maybe you will pick up the newspapers piling on their driveway or drag the trash bin up to the house. Maybe you will replenish the office candy dish or bring a package of much needed office supplies. The ones you tend to deplete. There are a million things you can do. I can't wait to see what you have decided in Saturday's recap!

Day 1 (Nov.18):  Treat a stranger.

Day 2 (Nov.19): Send Handwritten notes.

Day 3 (Nov. 20): Treat A Neighbor.

Day 4 (Nov. 21): Leave messages of kindness.

Day 5 (Nov. 22): Treat Your Family

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