Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogger + Date = Blate

In the blogging world, we tend to have our own language. We abbreviate, use acronyms, and just plain make up our own words. Then we spread those things like wild fire and pretty soon the word is accepted as the norm. 

Blate is a made up blogger word. What does it mean? A blate is when bloggers meet in real life. It's like a date. Makes sense, right? I had my first very first blogger date a little over a month ago. Kara, from Ramblings of a Marine Wife, was so kind to meet me for coffee. It was a great experience although a little surreal. The truth is when bloggers meet up we already know a heck of a lot of information about each other just from our blogs.  Which makes conversations 10 times easier!  

Clockwise: Me, Kara, Jess, Katie, and Emily
Having one blate behind me, I was more than excited to have my second meetup with a group of local military spouse bloggers. Katie, from Going Coastal With The Plumes, arranged a morning blate at a local cafe, Crepes n Corks. Really who is going to turn down a chance to have chocolate covered crepes and mimosas blocks away from the beach? Not this girl!

Kara (my previous blate) and I took the blating concept to a whole new level by carpooling to the event. Thankfully she didn't post anything about my driving abilities... How slow I drive... How distracted I can get... The things I say to other drivers who make bad choices. All those things you don't want people with a blog to know! We survived. That is all that matters.

The best thing about a blate is matching up blog life to real life. I always find myself wondering what their voice sounds like. Mannerisms. Personality. I can honestly report all of these girls are likable people. Our conversation was easy and upbeat. I don't think we ever stopped talking. Well, maybe when I had to physically restrain Emily from rushing the gentleman in the Aggie hat. Ok... so maybe I was actually encouraging her to do that. I can't remember. *just kidding* She didn't go up to the guy in the ball cap and sing the school song. I promise!

All in all it was a fun blate. Fun enough to plan another blogger meetup in October. Better yet, we want to expand our group! If you are a military blogger in the San Diego/ Camp Pendleton area, then you are invited to our next blate! You can contact anyone of us for more details.

Meanwhile, here are the blog sites for my new friends. I've added the link to their blate posts!

Emily from Just the Stew of Us 



  1. That's so cool! I've always wanted to have a blate! I'm excited that I already know a few girls in Hawaii!

  2. So much fun! And hey, what can I say, us Aggies are so cultish! But seriously, let's do it again :)

  3. So fun! There's a mom at my church who blogs, but we've never seen each other outside of church. I wonder if there are other bloggers near me. It would be interesting to find out.

  4. So fun! I'm glad you all were able to get together. :)

  5. fun times! looking forward to the next one!

  6. Looks like a GREAT time! Wish there were more bloggers [that I knew about] in our area!!