Monday, October 7, 2013

Tales From The New Home {week 12}

This post is going up way to late on a Sunday evening. But I want to document as much as I can about our time in the new house this first year. We have been so busy playing and parenting and doing the whole life thing. Not a lot of time has gone into the house thing.  We kind of committed this weekend to the house and made a lot of progress.

July 2013
Our house when we first moved in. The haphazard planting in our front flower bed drove me crazy. I debated for weeks about taking the rose bushes out. I'm not a fan. They are all placed randomly throughout the front. Finally decided to pull 4 rose bushes last weekend.

October 2013
Post-rose bushes. The goal is to create symmetry without having to completely redo the flower beds. I don't mind the trees there but you can tell one is full and the other-- well not so much. I tried to even them up as much as possible but there is still a big difference. 

Removing pavers in the back yard
The biggest project has been landscaping the backyard. Little by little. We have expanded a few areas where pavers had sectioned off and filled in other spots where there was a random bush or plant. Right now, our backyard looks terrible. Literally, worse than when we moved in. Always a work in progress.

Lime Tree August 2013
Do you remember when we made the huge mistake of massacring the lime tree? I still get sick thinking about it.
Lime Tree October 2013

Well, the tree has made quite the comeback. I think it's going to make it!

The Office (July 2013)
Once upon a time this room was empty and I wondered what I would do with the extra space in my home???

The Office (October 2013)
Well, this happened.
You like???

The one project always needing to be this beast of a home.
Fours hours to clean the downstairs only. 
I miss my base house. 



  1. Looks like you're making good progress! I would do the same exact thing with an empty room. I even have dreams about a house with an empty room no one knows about but me. I can stash all the stuff I want and no one would ever know!!

  2. Landscaping our backyard was the biggest chore for us as well. All it had was dirt when we moved in. I love seeing the progress you are making. :)