Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIWW... 33

What I Wore Wednesday for week 33. Yikes! In all honesty, I have been posting outfits for well over 33 weeks. However, I take long breaks here and there, which means 33 total outfits on this blog. Some have been deleted because I continue to have this love-hate relationship with What I Wore posts. I'm getting better but well... you know.

33 always stands out for me. My husband, who I have know since childhood, had a minor major obsession in junior high with Scottie Pippen. For all the young'uns, he was a basketball player for the Chicago Bulls back in their glory days. I think my husband had every 33 basketball jersey made. Believe me, knowing those things and having an actual visual about your husband is kind of funny. And strange all at the same time. I think he even swiped the number 33 for his own basketball jersey. I should really try to pull that thing out. Maybe I could have a WIWW feature one of these days? Well, maybe after a couple Fitness Fridays.

Short and sweet this week. 


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  1. Love your boots!

    I think we all have that love/hate relationship with WIWW. I keep doing it, because I know I enjoy when other women post their photos. That's what really keeps me participating.


  2. The last outfit is my favorite! I have one similar to that and it's so comfortable. :)

  3. I'm jealous that you're still in short sleeves! We've moved solidly into sweater season here!!

  4. I feel old now that you had to explain who Scottie Pippen is. My husband has about 30 football jerseys and then a few baseball and basketball. He has his own closet for them. It's weird.

  5. I love your stripes! You look adorable in em!