Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gratitude Journal

This weekend has been busy. I did not plan out my gratitude post. When this happens, as it sometimes does, I usually don't post. But I'm trying to keep on a schedule. And gratitude post is really about the daily, the moment. I'm keeping this simple.


I'm thankful for our Saturday bike ride. We took the boys to the convenience store for ice cream pops. 
I love sharing simple pleasures with the kids.


I'm thankful for sunny days. We've been taking full advantage. I'm seeing photos of my family back home in scarves with snow on the ground. That just ain't right. 
It's April. Almost May. There should not be snow...anywhere! 


Today we went to a Mustang car show in Buena Park. It's something my husband wanted to do.
I'm not a big car fan. But I don't mind walking along with him. I took pictures. That keeps me busy. I know my husband enjoys the company. I'm grateful the car show was close enough for us to visit.


I'm thankful for our family volunteer project. Serving Sunday Night Dinner at church. 
Always a good time.

I am thankful for random interactions God plans in my life. 
He has this way of coming in from left field, completely blindsiding me, 
and leaving me absolutely amazed.
For example, tonight I sat on a bench eating my pizza with another volunteer.
She was telling me about how her family found our church and 
how far her husband had grown in his faith during that time.
She told me 'He has changed so much, he isn't even the same person'.
And I automatically replied, "That's exactly how I feel about myself".
It was a simple confession but so profound for me.
I'm a private person. I'm growing... but I still struggle with sharing myself with others.
Those simple words uttered were like a release.
There was no thought behind them. They were just spoken.
I am so thankful for a God who does not give up on me. Who has slowly changed me into this person I barely recognize.



  1. I love that you can look back, even after a long day, and find the positive moments! [And I definitely agree, I see pictures from where my parents live and they still have tons of snow on the ground. Its not right! And I am glad I have finally decided not to move back there ... EVER!]

  2. You are awesome, I love your outlook and how you can always find the positive.