Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Gratitude Journal}

Friday morning brought on a hum drum feeling of melancholy.  Do you ever get that feeling? You aren't sad or mad but you aren't happy either. That feeling annoys me. I try my hardest to escape it. Mostly because I predictably fall into an irritated mood quickly after melancholy sets in. My husband and I decided to fit in a mini-date before the kids got out of school.  In two hours, we picked up a quick lunch and headed to the beach.  A surefire way to beat a mediocre mood.

We walked half way down the jetty before finding a perfect overlook. We sat facing the harbor with the noise of the waves behind us. In that moment, my inner dialogue started sputtering "thank you's". 

My husband is home. He is in amazing spirits. His treatment plan is worked out (dependent on one more CT scan). We have time without the kids. The sun. The breeze. The ocean.

The ocean has this calming effect on me. I can't help but feel God's presence there. The enormity makes it difficult to believe the ocean was created by chance. It covers 80% of the Earth's surface. It's deeper than any mountain is high. It's powerful enough to destroy. Yet it sustains life.  For me, the ocean is a glimpse of how amazing our God is. 



  1. I too hate the feeling of melancholy :\ Glad you got to squeeze in a mini-date and beat the feeling! :)

  2. I feel the same way about the ocean - strangely calm when I can sit and listen/watch the rhythm of the waves crashing on the beach. The deepest part of the ocean is not as deep as God's love for us! Such a great reminder :)

  3. Hugs my friend! There is something about the ocean that is incredibly calming.

  4. The ocean does the same for me too. Really miss being near one. Glad your mini-date helped.

  5. I've also woken up with that feling, and it is hard to shake.

    The ocean is such a healing place for me...the waves kissing the shoreline, with a crash - its almost like the heartbeat of earth...time after time. Cannot wait for our beach vacation this summer!

  6. You have a way of taking me away into your world for just a couple minutes in time. Thank you for giving me that feeling. I'm still praying that your family is doing great and your hubby is hearing great news! :)