Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts Under $10

This week my friend reminded me Teacher Appreciation Week is already being celebrated at some schools. I was saving this post for a couple more weeks but it seems now is a better time to post. Our appreciation week is May 12-17th. But I am already pinning some creative options for my children's lovely teachers. I appreciate them so much. My undying adoration comes from having been on the teaching side of the classroom. I understand what it takes for these guys and gals to keep up with 20-35 kids every day. Yikes, for the 35 kid classroom! We had 22 tops and that number can be overwhelming! I wouldn't want to imagine adding another 13!

Teacher appreciation is just an excuse to do the necessary. Gift your teacher. However, don't break the bank. Keep it within reason for the sake of your budget and all the other parents who don't want to feel totally overshadowed by your generosity.

I hope we can all agree coffee mugs are out dated. And "Best Teacher" anything should be avoided. Here are some Pinterest inspired gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week. For the price of a morning coffee and bagel, you've got yourself some amazing teacher gifts.

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  1. I LOVE these ideas and would enjoy receiving ANY or ALL of them! LOL! Thanks for sharing!