Monday, April 1, 2013

Behind the Scenes

You know all those cool adventures I blog about here?
Well, those things take up only a small portion of our time.
In the downtime, this is pretty typical.

Three boys camped out in the living room.
Playing their iPad or Kindle.

Boys are weird.


The Life Of Faith

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  1. Haha typical boys. :-) hope you are having a good day

  2. Aww what a sweet photo! We all have to have our downtime sometime, right? How does your husband like those sneakers (not sure what to call them??) haha I was thinking about getting some for my boyfriend.

  3. Typical boys. My son is always stealing his sisters iPad (hers is school issued), and has his own world on MineCraft. I had to kick him and the neighbor out the other day by saying "its 75 degrees outside, go out and play before it gets too hot to do anything!". They reluctantly agreed.

    1. Those words are all too familiar. And what is with the Minecraft craze??

  4. So typical... !! My boyfriend does that. He is always checking his phone or ipad or something...
    I need to get him to go on walks for me now that the weather is starting to get nice

  5. Hahaha I totally get that. I have two little brothers...and a husband

  6. haha seriously, boys and their gadgets. I work with mostly men and they are always obsessing about some new game on their iphones!