Saturday, April 6, 2013

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve Hike

One of the perks of living in Southern California is the proximity of the 
mountains, desert, beach, and city.
The diverse terrain makes Southern California ideal for hiking.
Add in amazing weather and numerous trails.
Not to mention the benefit of exercise and it's free.
You can't help but fall in love with this family activity.

Here is our latest trail.
Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve located in Escondido, California.
There are several trails at the reserve, 
all are very well maintained and travelled which is important when hiking with children.
We hiked the 1.5 mile Way Up trail,  a zig-zag steep route up the mountain to overlook the Olivenhain Dam & Reservoir.

One of our favorite finds when hiking is some type of water source.
At the beginning of the Way Up Trail is a beautiful clean stream and waterfall area 
accessible by a sandy bank area.
The best reward for a tough hike!



  1. You were in my backyard! I live off of San Elijo!! I love Eflin Forest. We go there all the time. :)

  2. What beautiful scenery! Such a great family activity :)

  3. What a great way to spend some family time together!! There is nothing better than doing something outside!

  4. Such wonderful family time! :)

  5. We used to live in Santee, and then lived in Ramona when the ex was stationed at Miramar. I always loved the landscape, and how it was like you said so diverse. The absence of humidity as well makes it pleasant! Did you get to go to Cowles before it closed?

  6. I saw your guest post on Anchors Aweigh. I've been wanting to find some trails for my husband and I. Thank you so much for this post! Can't wait!