Friday, August 1, 2014

Disney Day

There is no denying we love Disney. And it is a must we get our yearly Disney fix. Lucky for us, Disneyland offers a special ticket for military each year. For the price of one day we get three days. That means we get Disney times three every single year. Two days down for 2014, one more to go. 

I don't want to overload you all with Disney pictures. If you've seen one, then you've seen them all. But I have someone in another hemisphere who would like to see what his family is up to. I've been nice and picked my five favorites. Bear with me non-Disney lovers. I promise to make this quick.

We started with California Adventure because my app said it was least busy. They were right. Look at that "crowd" behind the kids. When does that happen in July? This is the boardwalk at California Adventure.


We finally rode Dumbo. One of my personal favorites, next to It's A Small World. The kids aren't big fans...they are too big for those rides. They want roller coasters. But I think I may have converted them with Dumbo.

I think I love that I got the howling bear/wolf in the background more than anything. The kids love Carsland. And the Mater ride is crazy! That thing whips you around worse than the Matterhorn.

We took advantage of air conditioned shows yesterday. Have you been to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln? I can't remember ever going even as a kid. I asked the kids to show me what they thought of the show. I would say...not a hit :) But they like the air conditioning!

We enjoyed some Mickey themed treats yesterday. My daughter thought it super important to take a picture. If nothing else, then you are probably craving ice cream now!

What would be the chances of taking a selfie and capturing the cars racing behind you? And what are the chances one would be Lightening McQueen?  And what would be the chances you daughter would tell you 'It must be deleted' because she has a goofy smile? *Please don't tell her I posted it!*

Ok I lied there are six. Please forgive?

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  1. I love Disney posts- one day I will make it to Disney

  2. Now I wanna go there even more!!! That is awesome about getting three days but totally deserving!!!! Love all the pics!

  3. I miss living near Disney!!! We used to go all the time! Totally took it for granted.

  4. Great photos! My oldest son Will and I looked through your photos together and we enjoyed seeing how much fun you had at Disneyland. Will wants a Disneyland in Texas! It brought back a lot of fun memories from our visit there in June. It's awesome that they provide the military discount for you. Y'all deserve it!

  5. Our plan is to go to Disney World next year when we visit home. I can't wait to take the girls! I'm going to have to remember to buy the military passes from here before we go.

  6. We loved going to Disneyland when we were in California! Now that we're on the East Coast, the kids keep asking when we can go to Disney World. We'll probably wait until Evelyn is a bit older though.

  7. We so love Disney. We're going in March!

  8. Fun! I've been having Disney withdrawals, I haven't been since high school.

  9. How long is your husband gone for? I honestly didn't think I would blog once Kev left, but he really enjoys reading what we've been up to, so you just share the pics away! We loved California Adventure when we were out there last year.

  10. So much fun!!
    Love that Mickey ice cream.
    I can't wait to go to either DL or DW again someday--this time with my kids :)