Saturday, May 3, 2014

Child's Play

 Do you ever get in a mood when you want to throw out all responsibilities and just have fun? I've been in one of those moods lately. I get a little restless with my Monday through Friday routine. I would love to devote Saturday and Sunday to doing whatever I please. But we all know it doesn't go that way when you are an adult and especially a parent. 

Last Sunday we did drop everything and head to the local skating rink. Yes, I said local skating rink. There aren't many of those around. When I was growing up, skating was Friday night entertainment. Everyone in town skated. These days skating isn't so popular. I love that our area is bringing skating back. 

Our local Murrieta roller rink is quite the experience compared to our 1970s dive rink in small town Iowa. I will let the pics speak for themselves. It's a beach theme. 

Food and games for those needing break. It's so Californian!

Nothing like our skating rinks growing up.
I can't leave out our family pics. 

Someone was struggling to stay on his feet. Although blurry it's one of my new favorites. I love the genuine looks of joy on their faces.

So proud I can stay upright all these years later. Ok... Really I fell down... On my child. But in this picture I'm upright! It's all that matters because my child is fine... now.


  1. Haa Haa Looks like so much fun! We had a rink in town when I was a kid, too. I can remember so many birthday parties there! It definitely wasn't as fun and lively decorated as that place, though!

  2. Uhhhh....we need to have a girl's skating night. I'm not as good as my 13 year old self, but I can stay up!

  3. So much fun! I love being able to just drop everything and spend some nice quality time together. I tried skating a few years ago, and it was hard! I remember zooming around as a kid!