Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Blueberry Patch

Lazy Sundays call for late mornings and meet ups with friends. Summer is almost here. Which means no schedules or work for this girl. I can barely contain myself as we finish up the last few weeks of the school year. I'm ready for summer break! I would say after the week we've had at school, "my" kids are ready too! I'm not sure what is happening from 9 to 3 but I suspect it includes intravenous administration of straight up sugar. Straight to the brain. My kids are full of energy!

Which makes the weekend all the sweeter. A morning at the blueberry patch. Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife met me at this local U-pick farm with her littles. Kara and I are part of the San Diego Military Spouse group who meet up monthly to adventure together. The group is spread all over San Diego County but we happen to be in the same neck of the woods (Temecula). I mentioned a possible get together and Kara was game. We decided on the blueberry patch with kids.

It's always nerve wrecking for me when you have a friend you kind of hit it off with. Because as women, we all know the real test of friendship will be whether the husbands and the kids get along. If they don't, then you just became lunch date friends. And as great as a lunch date friend is we all want a little more freedom to spend together.

Luckily, we have the Marine kid thing going for us. And we kind of figured the boys would mesh well over their love of video games and imaginary weapons. Is there anything better than those two things? With a little apprehension, we let them get to know one another on their own terms. I did not foresee how fast they would make friends with one another. They weren't ready to end their own meet up. They could care less about blueberries! They wanted go to each other's houses and check out their toys. Kids are so funny. Clearly the Stranger Danger convo didn't sink in!

Despite our need to make this a social event, the berries were amazing! I forget how much better food is when it's picked ripe. I didn't even get to bake with them. We just ate them like candy. I think we are going to need to make another trip or two!


  1. I seriously need to check this place out! They look so yummy! :)

  2. Fresh berries straight from the vine is the best for sure! They're so much sweeter!