Friday, April 4, 2014

Living in a Construction Zone

While most enjoy a spring break doing fun things, our Semper Fi Family decided to tear the house apart. In every sense of the phrase. Only three days left to enjoy our little school/work break and we decided to paint the entire downstairs. Why not.

Do you know how to determine a novice painter? First the clothes are a dead give away. Who paints in their favorite Old Navy jeans? Leopard print shoes, anyone? 

Then you look at the quality of job the painter is achieving. If it looks like a five year old would do a better job, then she probably has no idea what she's doing. 

Did I mention I am painting the entire downstairs in three days? All by myself unless I whine loud enough. My husband would help but he is busy installing wood flooring.

All by himself. Poor guy. His wife should be so ashamed.

He is just so good at it. He doesn't need anyone's help!

 Not even the help of our little pet prodigy. 
A certain little doggie has lots of secrets.

Which frees up a little extra time for Charlie to work on his modeling career. 

I think his break out moment is just around the corner!



  1. You've got a busy three days - painting and new floors! Good luck with the renovation! (And the photo of your dog at the end is pretty cute.)

  2. The floors look SO good!!! All the hard work will totally be worth it :)

  3. Ha ha I love the painting outfit, I made that mistake once too. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. haha my first thought was "she's painting in cute clothes!'
    That last picture.. oh my word! Hilarious!

  5. My first thought too was: "what is she doing painting in that! The travesty of possibly ruining such a cute outfit!!!" How exciting for new walls and floors!

  6. Good luck with the renos! I can't wait to see the finished products! And that last picture - hilarious!

  7. My 1st thought when I saw that photo was "what in the world is she wearing?!?" rookie ;-)

  8. I haaaaaate and despise painting more than anything!!!!!

  9. OMG your painting outfit made me laugh out loud! I hope you found something a little more low key for the next day! :) That sounds like quite an undertaking but I'm sure it's going to look amazing when you're finished!

  10. I love the idea of painting, just not the work. I had to paint all the bedrooms when my mom sold our townhouse. I still cringe thinking about all that work. I love the wood you chose. The color is gorgeous!

  11. The first thing I said when I saw that photo was "no way she is painting in a shirt so pretty!" Didn't look at the shoes at first, girl - get some old sweats and one of hubby's old tshirts! LOVE the abercrombie photo, that is HI-Larious - Charlie you are adorbs!