Monday, April 10, 2017

Back To Hiking: Basin Trail

Oh, how I've missed hiking! I couldn't even remember the last hiking trail I posted. So, I took a little stroll through the archives and found this one from our trip to Big Sur last winter. Not our typical hike since we were on vacation but that is the last time we hiked. Ok, maybe we did fit in one hike in the Great Smoky Mountains on the Gatlinburg Trail which was gorgeous :) But I promise that was the last time we hiked before last Saturday. I have really missed hiking and am so glad we got back out in nature! I hope we can keep it up! AND if you live there or get stationed in Southern California, take advantage of the trails! Here are a couple of our favorites I know you will love:

Devil's Slide Trail in Idyllwild

The difference between SoCal hiking and NC hiking is night and day. Hiking in SoCal is mountain and desert trails. In Coastal Carolina, 
we hike around the water. 
This particular trail was called Basin Trail located in Kure Beach, North Carolina.
It was a nice mix of beach terrain.

Lots of different things to see and wildlife (our favorite).  

I loved this elevated walkway through the marsh.

This trail goes behind the Fort Fisher Aquarium which is shown here in the picture. 
We visited the aquarium last summer. I posted about it here, if you want to see more of the inside.

My husband found this creature right off the trail. I'm so glad I walked right past him!

Here is the end of the trail.
There was a nice little sitting area to look out across the water.
Always a great way to end a hike.


  1. I've hiked in chimney rock nc. Very beautiful scenes. Haven't been since the great fire last year

  2. Amazing scenery! Great for you physical and mental health!

  3. We hit up a lot of state parks for hiking trails. They aren't always legit hikes, but it still gets all of us out of the house and moving.