Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Break. Pictures Galore. And Life Lately.

Today you get nothing but positivity and smiles because we are on spring break!
The weather is beautiful. Everyone is happy. And we are doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.
Here is wishing Monday never comes!

First, let's talk about the princess of our family, Miss Kyli. She has been keeping us very busy lately. Her most favorite thing in the world, color guard, has ended its third season. We have one more season to go before this will all be history. I can't even start to process that one! 

Once upon a time she did not want anything to do with color guard. When she began high school, she was shy and apprehensive to join any activity but we told her she needed to have at least one activity. It could have been anything with a physical component to it, sports or otherwise. With a little persuasion (aka ultimatum), she decided to join color guard her freshman year. After 3 years of color guard, she is performing solos, tossing and catching a heavy wooden rifle, and hopeful for captain. The transformation has been so fun to watch!

Watching your child toss anything in the air 20 feet and then catching it, 
is pretty cool.
She's killing it! Which really means she is fierce but you know America + violence = culture. Or something like that. But, really, do you ever notice how much violent figurative speech 
we use? It's weird. She is fierce with her color guard moves :)

As a parent, we can all agree any kind of school break is nice. This week we finally get to enjoy spring break. My husband took the week off work and he asked, "What would you like to do?" 
For perhaps, the first time in our married life, I answered with "Nothing."
Honest truth! I really don't want to do anything except read my book.

Lately, I've been reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
I'm really enjoying it and would recommend it to everyone. Another book I want to convince my child to read. It's inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the issue of police accountability in current events. I have not felt the author hits you over the head with an agenda which I think can be off-putting. I feel Thomas does a really good job at opening the conversation to all sides and spotlighting the holes in every argument. I felt like every character had a different opinion, so you could really relate to at least someone in the book.

Everything else below this point is the randomness of our life lately.

This week I have found a renewed interest in my DSLR camera. I've been playing around with settings and my new lease. Charlie makes such as easy subject to shoot because he doesn't move. Plus, he has a cute face. It works.

The football playing proved to be a little challenging. 
I do love the 200mm zoom though. 

Derrick is our active kid who keeps us in (relative) shape. He always wants you to join him playing basketball, football, running, walking, etc. Boundless energy!

We went to the Azalea Festival which is a pretty big deal in this area. 
I'm going to post more about our Azalea Festival experience next week but here are some pictures until then.

An oversized piƱata balloon for all your photography needs.

The kids got along the entire afternoon and let me take pictures of them...smiling...together.
Days like these are few and far between in a life with teenagers. 

The weather has been gorgeous. So trips to the beach are a must.
Even if it's just to watch dad fish and dig a random hole as deep as you can.
I'm telling you all, this one has boundless energy!

We did take one day to visit Raleigh after dropping my mother in law off at the airport. 
We are always that family!
And if I agree to take this kind of picture, then...

...they agree to take this kind of picture.
It's called a compromise. It works wonders in teen parenting 

Oh, and such fun news to share, Ky got her first job!
At an ice cream shop which is complete perfection for her ice-cream loving self!
She is getting so old my heart breaks a little every milestone we pass!

After writing this post, I'm thinking we have Spring Break mastered.

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  1. Wow those photos of Kyli are awesome!

  2. Colorguards always looked like skillful work to me. My HS had a decent team from what I remember