Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Happy Pet Day, Charlie!

Today is National Pet Day. It only seemed right to let Charlie bask in the spotlight today on the blog. In case, you've missed some of his highlighted moments...meet Charlie.

Once upon a time our family went looking for a pet. This little guy was more than happy to cuddle up to Ky from the start. Over the past five years, he has opened his heart to everyone else...except, maybe, me. We have a very complicated relationship but he manages to fly under radar enough to stick around :)

What kind of pet owner would I be if I did not post some "embarrassing" pictures of Charlie.

My daughter went through a phase where she loved photographing Charlie and even had a popular Instagram account for him. Those pictures are some of my favorites; although, Charlie doesn't look too impressed.

Life hasn't been all embarrassing moments or mistreatment 
(if you can call it that) for Charlie.

He has a pretty pampered life, so Charlie can't complain too much. Pumpkin patches, hikes, cross country vacations. I did think he would possible murder us when we moved him to the East Coast where he had to deal with things like, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, snakes, frogs, and God forbid, RAIN and thunder.
Our city dog had some pretty tough adjustments this year. But he is stronger for it! Haha :)

The summers we made him share his space with foster dogs must pale in comparison with what he tolerates these days :)

 I'm sure he will constantly drop subtle hints of how we can make it up to him.

Happy Pet Day, Charlie. I know it's the wrong season but these pictures remind me of your cuteness when I'm ready to ship you to grandma's house.

I'm totally with you on the North Carolina thing buddy.
Only one more mosquito and thunderstorm season before we are outta here!
Hold tight and I promise we are going some place warm and bug-free!
But, you have to promise not to throw up on my white rug 
or try to attack the neighbors...
or potty in Derrick's room or bark at the school bus every single day.
Otherwise, you are in the dog house!

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  1. Awww Charlie!!! Such a sweet baby!

  2. When my dog Zelda was still alive I remember taking her to Petsmart. She was always so excited to be in there. She'd often almost fall over on the glossy floor cause she didn't know how to settle down.

  3. Charlie is seriously the cutest! Dogs have this way of weaving their way into their hearts, and I think that we're both happier for it!

  4. Adorable!
    I can see the thoughts running through his head...he looks too smart for his own good! I particularly love the duck pond picture.

  5. What an adorable pup Charlie is! My dogs don't like getting their picture taken, so I can never get any good pictures!

  6. Aw, this is so cute. Charlie is adorable! Love all the fun photos. I'm pretty obsessed with my dog and LOVE taking pictures of her. :)