Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Weather. Halloween Prep. And SnapChat Filters.

I'm loving this fall weather in North Carolina. The sun shines bright, the air is cool, and the skies are the bluest blue. Temperatures are getting down in the 50s at night and topping out at 70 during the day. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

I'm not sure if mums are a Fall thing or a Southern thing. I have always loved them but they don't stand up well in dry desert heat. This Carolina weather is much better for them. Aren't they pretty?

The lizard loves them too. He is always out there lounging around by the yellow ones.

We are ready for Halloween! Costumes prepping is in full swing. Some kids are more ready than others. Zac is super excited to roam the streets with his new pet.

We usually do homemade costumes, like Minecraft guys...

...and a Zombie Hot Dog Seller. But this year, I just don't have creative in me.

Even Charlie appreciates a homemade Halloween costume.

Fall isn't the same as it was in California where we visited pumpkin patches every single year

And those easy day trips to Disneyland all decorated for Halloween :(

But it's more authentic in NC :) Where leaves change colors... 

and you can actually afford pumpkins.

And the weather dips below 80 in October.

God Bless California. I still love that state.

I have been more into the Halloween festivities this year compared to other years. It probably helps that I'm not working and completely stressed out. I have enjoyed putting together and receiving some themed gifts to celebrate the season. 

Orange and black is a good color combo.

  If I could be anymore into Halloween, then Snapchat filters would be sending me over the edge right now. I love all the Halloween filters this week. Some aren't the most flattering but perfectly done!

This one is a little weird.

My mean Halloween dog face. 
Gotta play the part!

Wishing you all a fun festive weekend and a Happy (safe) Halloween!


  1. I didn't get my dogs any costumes this year. A missed opportunity? Perhaps. Maybe I'll look around this weekend.
    We always had mums in PA, but they do not hold up well in southern CO.

  2. I love the Halloween snapchat filters - I just saw that they added one for the deer today! How much were pumpkins in CA?! We are a few degrees higher than y'all (close to 80 during the day, but down to just below 60 at night), so it's been nice to have the windows open at night. Can't wait to see more Halloween photos of your kids!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. Our dogs are wearing costumes!! So excited.

  4. I love Disney when it decorated for halloween! It's amazing!