Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disneyland HalloweenTime 2014

If I can't get my fall fix here, then I will always take myself to Disneyland! They sure know how to make it feel like Autumn actually exists in this part of the nation. We even got to enjoy some fall like weather in the morning. 

This is my last Disney post of 2014. We used our third day on our Military passes. So sad. 

I love Disneyland at HalloweenTime but would love to time our passes just right to visit during Christmas too.

Disney thinks of it all, don't they?

Haunted Mansion decorated for the Nightmare Before Christmas.
Definitely worth the wait in line.

My daughter is taking a photography class now. She is more than happy to be the official photographer for the blog. Now I have pictures I can write blog posts about.

We always skip the parade. But this time we decided to end our day with something different.
Lesson learned: Don't miss the parades!

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  1. Halloween time at Disneyland is my absolutely favorite!!! :)

  2. I was so sad that we never took advantage of Disneyland before this past summer! I was so nervous about the crowds, and I wish I gave in last fall to experience Halloweentime there! It looks BEAUTIFUL! Also: your daughter has some great photography skills :D