Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goal for September

My September Goal is Fitness. No more putting off being active on a daily basis. My dear cousin encouraged me to take a yoga class on our video chat the other night. It's not the first time I've been encouraged to take yoga. I might be a little high strung ;) Understandably... given my life situation of military family, leadership in my employment, and temporarily single parenting. Exercise can really only help me at this point.


I know all you lovelies are going to be sweet and encouraging with this post. But someone better call me out if I do not accomplish this goal in September. No excuses! To my two biggest inspirations: Domesticated Combat Boots and Adventures of Our Army Life. You all are bustin' your butts daily. Don't let me get away with being lazy :) Much Love!

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  1. Good luck with your fitness goal! I know you can do it! :)

  2. You can do it!! I hear ya, those ladies definitely inspire me too!! :)

  3. You can do it! I'm a tad bit high strung too but I love yoga! I've been doing it a whole lot more now that I'm not running as much and it's amazing for toning. If this preggers can do it 2-3 times/week, so can you! Miss you!

  4. This is my goal too! I'm thinking about starting a class next week! You can do it!