Monday, October 24, 2016

The Silver Lining. Fun Mail. And Neighborhood Walks.

It's pretty clear North Carolina hasn't been the easiest PCS transition for me. I was comfortable with life in California and struggled to leave all the positive behind. The things that keep me moving forward (even after a setback) are the silver linings. What North Carolina has to offer that California did not. 

Fall tops the list. I was so excited to experience seasons again. As much as California loves a corner lot pumpkin patch and Starbucks seasonal drinks, Autumn does not exist. If you don't have fall foliage and crisp cool air on sunny days, then you don't have Fall. I missed this! The best kind of ombre!

The past week has been a struggle. There was a not so cool encounter with another parent that really bothered me. I wrote everything out in a post and then I just let it sit. Then, I deleted it because that isn't what I need. What I really want to say is I struggle often here to find my connection. Often times, I feel rejected or like I don't fit in. On one hand, I do think I've had a somewhat jaded view :) I might be a little biased towards my old home. The other hand, I think there are some legitimate underlying negative social behaviors that will make it difficult for me to connect with people. That is my tactful way of saying I feel like I'm back in middle school. So, I've just decided to say f*it and do my thing. If I do what I enjoy, I know I will find my people. 

If you ever want to do some deep self-evaluating, then PSC right before deployment. And don't live near a military base. I know, you are asking why anyone would ever do that :) I don't know! *lol*

Things get better. After this depressing confrontation, I was inundated with unrelated acts of kindness. The timing was divine intervention. Saturday, the day after my cryfest, I was surprised by some fun mail from my dear blogger friend who keeps spoiling me :) We got Boo'd! Surprise mail always brightens my day! How fun is that? If you ever have an inclination that you would hit it off with another blogger chances are, you're right. I read Kara's blog when she was stationed in Okinawa, then she moved to California for a short time. I pretty much begged to meet her. I really did! 

Sunday there was another surprise goodie delivered to my doorstep. A delivery from my deployment secret sister. What's a deployment secret sister? Another squadron spouse anonymously matched to send support, little gifts, and notes throughout the deployment. Perfect timing! I really love this. Deployment can be so lonely and draining. It's nice to have tangible displays of support from another going through the same. 

I have my secret sister's October gift needing to be delivered. I'm a sucker for a theme basket.

Sunday we took a leisurely drive to Raleigh. We went to William B. Umstead State Park located in the middle of the city. We walked around the visitor center and took some pictures. It's a big forest in the middle of the city with hiking trails and a lake. Definitely hiking here when my husband returns.

Monday was my Ipsy delivery day. Which means more fun mail. What a week! I love Ipsy glambags. October's bag is so cute! Ipsy post coming soon. I write those posts for about 13 people who like them :) 12 if you're counting me!

Time for me to share the love! Homemade Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter cookies for the kids.

Tuesday was HIIT class. After a month of attending class, Tuesday was my first time doing all the exercises without modifications. Huge accomplishment for me!

I've been walking about 2 miles daily. Our neighborhood street is made like a figure 8. Each lap is 1 mile. I'm "the one who is always out walking" nearly everyone comments when I meet them along the way. Thursday I decided to take some pictures around the neighborhood of Halloween decorations to share with our missing family member.

 Three's not looking too promising for Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood. I need to add to the fun and decorate our house yet. I don't have much time left!

One little tree in the neighborhood changing colors right now. 



  1. I think Jacksonville is just a totally different beast when it comes to making real friends! I've been back for 8 months (also from CA) and I honestly haven't made any friends. I can't handle the drama and pettiness so I pretty much stick to myself and the few friends I had when we lived here before. That being said, the Fall weather and all of the room/lack of traffic will always make me prefer it here over CA. I hope you have a good week! :)

  2. Fall in NC was probably my most favorite thing about living there. It was amazing!

  3. We PCSed right before our first deployment. I recommend it to no one.
    However, this type of arrangement teaches you how strong you can be!
    I'm guilty of rose-colored glasses when looking at the past duty stations.

  4. I love that y'all get a little foliage up there - sad to say that Charleston has none :-\ I hope the transition continues to get easier. I really like that you wrote everything out. I've done that a few times and also deleted the post - I just felt better getting it all out.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. Aw I wish we lived there! I'd be your friend! It's hard for me too because our military life isn't conventional. I don't live on base here and obvs won't in Massachussets.

  6. I am sorry the transition has been so hard. We actually thought we would finally meet a good military core of people here and instead I have connected with a lot of people through church. I hope you find your niche soon! How long is the deployment?

  7. Hey there, I'm sorry you are struggling a bit. My sister in law and you seem like you could be great friends. She is also the "f it" type, and doesn't like the drama/crazy that sometimes accompanies military life. They live out in Swansboro though, so I think opposite side of Jax from you (my bro is stationed at NR)