Monday, October 3, 2016

What Is Your Youtube Guilty Pleasure?

For a long time I thought Youtube was something for the young. My kids are all about Youtube. All three have a certain type of video they love to watch. And sometimes, it is a little strange to me how involved they get about their certain topic. Gradually, my kids introduced me to videos and topics and I found my own favorites. Now I understand the addiction and am caught up in the craze.

Recently, I was talking to my sister about Youtube favorites. Everyone seems to have one. I told her about mine and she laughed. Then I asked her about hers and I was like "ok, you are weird." Apparently, she is hooked on watching dermatologist/facialist pop pimples. Eww! My husband is more logical, he watches the DIYs. My daughter is all about one person comedy skits. Both boys like to watch other people play video games. Seriously, they can go an entire weekend without playing a video game themselves.

I thought it would be interesting to start the conversation about Youtube guilty pleasures. Despite our best intentions, on paper, the things we watch on Youtube can be strange. You know what my number one Youtube obsession is? You can't judge! I like to watch people clean their houses. Not in a creepy, french maid costume way, but in a motivational way. If I can watch one or two, then I'm ready to tackle my household chores. Works every time!

My second favorite is Booktube videos. Here is what makes my book Youtube obsession weird...typically these videos are made by teenagers or college students. Let's face the fact, I'm biologically old enough to be their mom and that makes it disturbing. I'll just chalk it up to contributing to their college fund. They need a million views to make $$$, right?

Last obsession, I love a good Stitchfix unboxing. I don't even know why. I get my own Stitchfix box every month. I think it's the element of surprise that intrigues me. I can waste an entire night watching people open their StitchFix box, tell me how much it costs, and holding it up to the camera. In writing, this Youtube thing is weird!

I'm interested to hear what your Youtube obsession is. What are your favorite kind of Youtube videos? Do you have a favorite Youtuber?


  1. I love a good Stitchfix video, too. I also love makeup tutorials. I'd never seen a motivational cleaning video, but I always love seeing other people's houses and how they decorate, so I might definitely watch some more of these ;)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. the holderness family videos. They make me laugh.

  3. I love youtube videos, I always watch Ellen videos and it's like a blackhole haha.

  4. Oh yeah! I watch a ton of videos and it's amazing how many things I've learned to do from videos lol.

  5. I watch YouTube once in a while. I am usually watching a photography video of some kind (my free education, if you will...)

  6. I have to be honest that I don't watch YouTube that much, but when I do I love watching anything Aggie related! It helps to get me pumped up for upcoming football games!