Saturday, October 15, 2016

Welcome to the Weekend

I'm so very thankful the weekend is here. I am in need of a reset. A clean slate. This entire week the kids have been out of school due to flooding after Matthew. They have reached their limit of time spent together. In fact, this was the last happy picture I have of them. Maybe I should buy more cookies and muffins? The answer to all life's troubles!

Please send hugs, tissues, wine, and chocolate! I need some relief. Hope this weekend is the answer! I'm wishing you a s-s-super one! You know, because of the snake picture below and all that hokey stuff ;)

Stop by Monday for a picture overload on the snake place we visited this past week.
It is as skin crawling as it sounds!


  1. Ah, a week out of school can definitely do it to you! Hope you get a recharge this weekend!

    1. I'm glad you get it! I think we are skipping town tomorrow. Need a change of scenery!

  2. Oh a whole week?? Wow!! I'm sure it will be fun!