Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Time!!!

Is there any better time to be an American than Pumpkin Season, formerly known as Fall? I'm not sure how the stealthy marketing geniuses manage to change the focus of one holiday from one year to the next. 

I have never seen so much pumpkin spice in my life!! From cereal to beer, the flavor is everywhere. When I saw pumpkin spice gum, I knew things were out of hand. Talk about overkill!

Pumpkin patches are taking a close second this year in the overkill department, am I right?!? Thank you social media for that one! I'm as guilty as the next when it comes to the pumpkin patch. I need my annual kid pic. But can we all agree we are totally being ripped off over a few bales of hay and some strategically placed piles of pumpkins!

I'm sure we all know better. It's just too tempting to document our city kids enjoying "country" life. And by enjoying I mean smiling through clenched teeth. From what I've observed kids don't even like pumpkin patches! They are more interested in the inflatable bounce houses and petting zoos at the pumpkin patch. Not quite sure how those things fit into the farm scene but I guess it's all about keeping it authentic $$


  1. I love pumpkin patches! They are so fun!

  2. Cute!

    We skipped the pumpkin patch this year. Although we did go to the base one. But it was super tiny.

  3. Yes, I read somewhere that some farmers make their annual income by this season! It's pretty crazy when I think about it..that's a lot of pumpkins, hay rides, and corn mazes. I get excited for this time of the year but my love lies in the caramel apples. Not really a big pumpkin spice fan. Random question but have you been to Rockin Baja Lobster in Oldtown SD? For some reason I thought of you when I went. The food is pretty yummy :) Their lobster bucket is amazing too.

  4. I seriously just wrote our pumpkin patch post like 10 min ago for tomorrow. And said basically the same!!! My girls spent all of .2 seconds picking pumpkins and the rest of the time doing other activities. Which we paid way too much for. ha!

  5. Haha! The girls both have field trips to the pumpkin patch this week. I hope they'll actually participate and enjoy themselves!

  6. Awesome picture of the kiddos! :) We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year since our baby is so young... but I am so excited to take her next year! :)