Saturday, October 24, 2015

Care Package Love

I have decided it takes me approximately 77 days to send anything by snail mail. From my first inclination to my Saturday drop off, no less than two months has passed.

I have the very best intentions! Often times, I collect all my goodies and keep them in a box weeks before I seal it up. Just to be sure ;) I absolutely hate my procrastinating tendencies associated with mail. Therefore, way back in January when I created my 101 Things In 1001 Days, I knew sending a care package would be a goal. Knowing myself very well, the simple act of writing the task on my list would ensure completion! 

This festive Halloween care package was sent with lots of love to four littles in Iowa. My husband's nieces and nephews which are also mine :) For some reason I thought it worth mentioning. It sucks to be so far from everyone, especially little ones who grow and change quickly through the year. Care packages are a great way to send some love and care over the distance. As a military family, care packages are like are most fluent love language :)