Monday, September 26, 2016

Marching Band and Food

Marching band competitions are officially our life as of Saturday. A new school, a new band. Ky transitioned so smoothly from her old school color guard to her new school color guard. Her activity was one of the top deciding factors in choosing where we would live at this PCS. I never worried so much when the kids were younger but I really wanted Ky to have her activity in North Carolina. I figured she left enough in California.

Marching band is taken a little more serious this way. I think it makes for a better experience for the kids when your school and community support you in so many ways! I love that for her.

The first competition was in Wilmington. Ky had an early show time at the school, so the boys and I continued on to Wilmington to have lunch and tour around Old Town. We went to this little gastropub, The Copper Penny, and had some pretty phenomenal sandwiches!

We all ordered something different and shared. Hands down the best food in Wilmington so far!

Downtown Wilmington is a great touristy spot for window shopping. It's also an abundant Pokestop area for the boys. I guess the game uses historic places for Pokestops and Wilmington is full of historic places. I love that Downtown Wilmington is only one block from the Cape Fear River front too. It's makes for a pretty stroll along the water. It's nice to get out of our small town and change up the scenery!

Right before the competition, we stopped at a nearby donut shop, Wake n Bake, which we visited when we went to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher and took the ferry to the Oak Island Lighthouse. I guess I didn't mention it in those posts but it definitely happened! The love began then because the donuts are insanely good! My daughter begged for us to stop again on Saturday when we were in the area. I never say no to a donut stop! It's my weakness. I mean when you write a single post about your love for donuts, it is probably a good indication you have a problem! And if you write two posts featuring donuts, then you have a problem! I will never deny it.

Finally, after all our eating of the unhealthy food, we made it to the band competition. Oh how the setting has changed! Band competitions in NC are much more humid and mosquito ridden than CA. I can't say I love it! But I do love watching the girl perform. She was most definitely killing the routine Saturday night. Too sad, they ended with a 3rd place finish. But the quality of performance was much higher than we are used to. Proud of their work and performance! There is still plenty of time left for 1st place!


  1. I attended three different high schools and marching band was such a big deal at my first two - it was so much fun playing on Friday night at the football games and then competing ourselves on Saturdays! She will have so many amazing memories I am sure!

  2. How fun is this?! I love the pictures.

  3. Marching band is awesome! I hope she enjoys. I have not been to Wilmington but it is on my travel bucket list now.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I will be reading and commenting here.

  4. Those sandwiches though - yummmmmm!!!!!! I love Wilmington, its been awhile since we have been there to the downtown area to just browse around!

  5. We hit up downtown Wilmington when we were out that way in April. It was super cute! I wish we would have had more time though.