Friday, September 2, 2016

Tropical Storms and What Not

Moving to North Carolina, I overlooked one small important detail. Hurricanes! This week with all these storms brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, I have been reminded. I have no idea what to expect from a depression or storm or hurricane. It rains and the wind blows. But if these blue skies and fluffy clouds are any indication of what these storms bring, then I'm not worried. Ok, maybe a little :)

Since Monday I've been following the three storms brewing and headed our way. Hermine is suppose to be bringing lots of rain this weekend. In fact, the latest is the tropical storm just got promoted to a hurricane. It will be a quiet Labor Day weekend at home. No travel plans for us.

We've been getting intermittent rain storms each day. I came home Tuesday night to lots of tree branches in the yard and a soaked patio which is covered. I was out of town for training and the kids said it was a pretty intense storm. I think that was from tropical depression #8 which sat off the coast. I suppose a full blown hurricane might bring a little more.

This week's storm report from TD #8. Big storm!

Thursday morning while out and about, I took all those blue skies and puffy cloud pictures. I'm not quite convinced we could go from all this to crazy storms in 24 hours. But, then again, I've never done this before. We shall see!


  1. Hope the storms weren't too bad! It was definitely a first for us to have school canceled for the storm!

  2. I hope the weather didn't get too bad for you!