Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day 2016

Good news, our first big North Carolina storm passed through without major incident. You can call it a hurricane or tropical storm, but all it really amounted to was lots of rain. I am confident it rained for 18 hours straight before there was ever a break in the storm. And my dumb dog held his pee for the same amount of time. We had some mild winds which left lots of small branches and pine cones all over the lawn. Overall, not a big deal! I'm very thankful. I know Florida and Georgia saw so much worse and yet the storm could have been so much worse for everyone! 

I figured I should post one final "we are at the beach enjoying summer weather" post in hopes it will summon the Autumn season. I really really hope North Carolina is a place where there is a season called Fall. If I can't have California, then I better get to experience my favorite season. Until the first leaf changes color, we can talk about the warm weather and beach days!

The boys and I went to the beach. (My often absent teenager went to a friend's house.) The beach in North Carolina is pretty much the best! California cannot compete! The water is warm. The sand is soft and powdery white (where we are). And the summer weather is always right for a beach day. 

Labor Day was our first holiday in this cycle of fun otherwise known as deployment. Holidays are typically hard without the loved one. Normal people retreat into family mode and you are sitting at home with your kids realizing your family is not whole at the moment. I have to disclose we did get an invite for a squadron BBQ for families but I passed. I hate to turn down invites, especially when I have yet to make any substantial connections. What is the old saying "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"? I mean when you get an invite and you are alone, then you should take the invite!! In my defense,  the RSVP list was solely mommas with babies and toddlers. I figured it wasn't a good fit for my kids meaning they wouldn't enjoy themselves and in return not let me enjoy myself. I'll save my veto power for another day!


  1. I am so glad that you made it through the storm!

  2. I'm glad you made it through without any damage. I do love the beaches there, the sand is so soft!

  3. Our dog would hold it through typhoons. We would take him and out, he would look from the porch and you could almost see him going Nope! Weirdos.