Friday, September 9, 2016

Starting September

Our first full week of September wasn't too shabby. At the end of the week,  I did not feel like doing anything productive. I drove into Wilmington for some window shopping and pickup a new read. I've been in such a reading slump since Me Before You and Ready Player One. I wonder if I feel this way because they were such good books and nothing has quite compared since?

I do this thing I call 'interview with a book' when I'm looking for my next read. I collect all the books which sound interesting to me and read the first chapter of every single one. The one that speaks to me is the one I go home with ;) As you can see, this interview session was a bit lengthy. Let's blame the slump I couldn't narrow it down more. I still wasn't able to narrow it down. It's the slump! I'm debating between The Hating Game and A Man Called Ove.

This is the outdoor mall where I did my window shopping today. Tree lined streets, all my favorite stores, and a Barnes & Noble add up to just my style!

Hard to believe a week ago we were dealing with our first tropical storm/hurricane. This is about all the flooding we saw in our day of rain. Super happy about that! 

I received this happy mail from my deployment secret sister. Our squadron significant others were matched up to create a little support (secret) system to one another through this deployment. I love it! I have never been a part of something like this and I really appreciate it. Deployment gets lonely and typically the military member is receiving all the fun mail. This package came as a surprise and it's perfect for me. Books and chocolate are some of my most favorite things!

Speaking of secret sister gifts, this will be delivered to mine this month. I don't mean to offend but who isn't a hot mess during deployment? I'm planning to package the shirt with some Hot Cheetos and baby wipes to play on the whole 'hot mess' thing. 
What is your opinion? Offensive or funny?

I also ordered one for myself. It says, "Sundays are for Jesus and Football." I like the way the other one looks better but this might be less offensive. Not that I really think the other is offensive but you know emotions can be delicate during these times.

Monday was Labor Day. I'm sure glad my neighbor has friends to party with on holidays. I don't even know why I took this picture. I guess I'm that neighbor. Eww! Actually, I was just texting with my sister and decided to let her see my neighborhood. Maybe we should focus on the green trees and blue skies? #stalkerstatus

We went to the beach for our Labor Day fun.
I love our weather makes it perfectly reasonable (and warm) to swim in the ocean at sunset.
All the heart eyes! We love it.

This week there have been lots of snake sightings. I'm guessing the cooler weather has them moving about. I haven't seen this many since May/June. A person really needs to careful here because there are many dangerous snakes. Unlike the crazy snapchat lady, I don't think a person should kill them. However, you definitely need to be paying attention when you are walking around.
Not sure what this guy was but we've been told a baby copperhead.


  1. I love that shirt! I love the football one too!!

  2. I love the idea of a deployment secret sister - how fun is that?! And if you haven't read Leaving Time yet, I love it. Picoult is my favorite. :)