Thursday, April 9, 2015

Donuts Make Me Happy

A quick post written on my lunch break. Ive been going through the ho-hum's lately. I've got some things I've been processing and it makes me a little down. I hate that feeling. Not only because the happiness is a little harder to come by but because I feel guilty. I have a pretty good life and I'm upset by things that a relatively small. So I just try to work through them in my own brain and move on.

A little mental diversion always helps! Donuts are my mental distraction. We went to the Donut Bar in San Diego over spring break. That place is so yummy! The kids love it and look what our wonderful teenager did to maximize her experience :/ Took a bite of nearly everyone. It's a wonder I don't ship her off somewhere far away sometimes.

I hope this Thursday finds you all well. I pray the warm sunshine breaks my funk soon!



  1. Taking a bite of each one... too funny! That's something I would have done.

  2. YUM! I miss a good doughnut shop!!

  3. Yum!!!! I want all of these haha.

  4. Those look amazing! I've been wanting to go there since you had told me their donuts were delish during the well boxed blogger event. If you need more options for mental diversions, The Tractor Room in San Diego has amazing french toast. It's like a leaning tower of french toast. It does the mind wonders just looking at it :)