Thursday, April 3, 2014

Support Our Troops #WELLBOXED

Almost two years ago I found myself unemployed with time on my hands. I had just discovered the world of blogging and decided to try it out. Writing has always been something I enjoyed. It's my way of expressing myself. I do much better with the written word than spoken ones. 

I never imagined what could happen with a blog. I just thought I would put our military life out there. Maybe a Marine wife from Camp Pendleton would stumble upon it and find some fun places to visit. I'm still waiting on that to happen! What I did find is a lot of personal growth. A space to write through a deployment. A fun experience in the midst of chaos when this blog went all but viral with the whole Pinterest/ Today Show thing. Through a year of blogging I had fun and I opened up. I gained confidence and began to care less about the little stuff. I "met" people I liked despite the small detail I never met them. I entered the crazy world of blog friendships. Friendships based on your interactions through reading about each other's personal lives. I promise I'm a normal person besides this small fact. But chances are if you are reading this you totally get it! 

Last fall I learned the coolest part of blogging. The potential to connect with like-minded people in real life. Not virtually connect through comments and social media shout outs but real life meet ups. Katie from Going Coastal gets all the credit. She was the brains behind our first blate in a small beach town eating crepes and drinking mimosas. Yes, I admit my husband sent an obligatory "Are you still alive?" text that day. I think most of our group has received a similar text throughout our 6 months of blates. Here is October, November, December, January, and March blates (if you missed them). The April blate is this weekend!

I knew from the beginning we had a great group. Katie and Jes keep it together with all the planning. Everyone else makes attending a priority. We've grown since October. Friendships have grown. Heck we even have babies on the way now. {Eek! Babies!} Every time we come together it's enjoyable and conversation flows so easily. I'm not sure if a group like ours would succeed with any other blogging niche. Ok... it would but I just want to pretend military spouses are the best! No need to pretend, right?

San Diego Military Spouse Bloggers always have a great time. Every event is a fun time. Perfect for a gal who loves adventures! Lately, we seem to be branching out. A monthly meeting isn't enough, so we find more ways to get together. Bloggers Giving Back was our most recent in-between get together. A group from San Diego joined a group in Orange County to make care packages for military service members via 

Complete awesomeness. That's all I can really say. Everyone made a box for their assigned military members stationed overseas. Military bloggers and non-military bloggers alike. If you aren't familiar with, click over to check out a great way to support troops still serving overseas. 
Yes. Men and women are still over there. Boots on the ground. Sweating their butts off. God bless 'em. Send them some stuff. A letter. Say thanks.

Many thanks to the OC Bloggers who put this together. I love taking the time to Give Back!



  1. You did such a nice job on your box! I'm sure they are going to be so appreciative to get it! :) I'm so thankful for our friendship - you are such a sweet friend! :)

  2. This is the best post ever! And military spouses really are the best (so what about biases). I am so grateful that we've all connected and grateful to Katie and Jes for getting us all together! You ladies are the amazing and I'm so thankful for our bond/friendship!

  3. If it wasn't for all you ladies, I wouldn't have any friends here! You all have truly been a blessing.

  4. I wish I could meet some blogger friends!! I'm potentially meeting my first next month and I'm so excited! I really hope it works out (travel is involved which can be unpredictable). I'm glad you've made such great friends!

  5. This is seriously the coolest thing ever! I saw this on Emily's and Katie's instagrams and thought it was the neatest thing. So glad yall got to be a part of it!


  6. I didn't realize it had already been 6 months! That's amazing! I seriously need to get together with some of the ladies here!

  7. Getting together with bloggers is an awesome thing! I'm happy to have a local group that I get together with on a regular basis. Love the #wellboxed program that you share. I have never thought about decorating the inside of the box before - I'll have to do that for my sister's next box. She's in Kosovo till November.

  8. It was awesome meeting you Nicole!! :) You're the sweetest. Thank you for all your help with Project Give!