Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing My Adventure-ous Family

Hello! and welcome to my little corner of the web. I've spent the last month as a stay at home mom after years of being employed. Four weeks later, I have my old job back and a couple new reading blogs. I really enjoy getting new ideas, eww-ing and ahh-ing over other people's creativity, and relating to absolute strangers who share similar lives/hobbies/dilemmas. Can you relate? I hope you enjoy my posts and always feel free to ask questions.

What to blog about? That was my first question. I suppose a person should choose something they have experience with. This is how I decided on the Semper Fi Family. My husband has been a US Marine for more than 13 years and I have been along for the entire duration of the ride. I guess I know a thing or two about the Semper Fi (Always Faithful) part.

Our "mode of transportation" for the Marine Corps ride.
 The Family is a given after 13 years of marriage, three children, and a dog! We got family covered.

Here they are!

This is Charlie.

Adventures are part of our every day life. The Marine Corps deals its fair share, kids & dog some more, trying to balance work & life, and the adventures I manage to find us. I have never found much contentment in being still. I like to move! I feel normal when I am running around and exploring my surroundings. I view adventures as things new and unexperienced. Positive or negative...I'm game!

As I set off into the blogging world, I'm ready for more new adventures. Please be patient as I figure things out. My plan is to be consistent in posting and offer my followers something interesting as often as possible. Let the adventures begin...or continue?!?  


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