Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ky's Birthday {summer bucket list}

Today we are celebrating our oldest child and only daughter's birthday!

Happy Birthday Ky!

I can not believe how fast time goes.
Here you are turning 12 and you look so grown up!
You act so grown up too.
What I wouldn't give to go back for one day
one hour
 to appreciate all of your
energy. creativity. love.

I remember the minute they laid you in my arms
and I got really scared
you were bald. puffy. red. slimy.
Not at all how I imagined a newborn baby would be.
But what would I know because you were the first baby laid on my chest.

I remember those first days after we brought you home.
You wanted the lights on. TV on. Fan on.
Or else you cried.
And we just couldn't have that!

I remember the first year of life.
You made great company
You learned so many things
 you caught on so quickly.
You were very smart.
Still are.
Everywhere we took you people would say.
She is so alert.
She is so smart.
Still are.

I remember the next year following you around everywhere.
You were my leader.
The only thing I could do was teach you how to make your way in your world.
How to walk. run. climb. jump.
Because your lack of inexperience wasn't going to stop you from exploring your world.

I remember all the super cute things you used to say.
Do you?
Do you remember when we use to go to the "pof-es"?
To mail letters?
Do you remember when you told everyone
"Stupid is a naughty word. We don't say that word?"
Do you remember when you would wag your finger, crook your head, and ask me
"Didju mommy, didju?"

I remember like it was yesterday.
I don't think I will every see you as anything more than
 a little chubby cheek preschooler
prancing around the house singing
with the biggest blue eyes
cutest little dimple.

I think the best and worst thing
I will do in my life
is watch you grow up.
The most difficult thing
will be
letting you.

I hope you will always know
You are important.
You are valued.
You are loved.


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