Monday, June 18, 2012

San Diego County Fair 2012

Sunday was our annual trip to the San Diego County Fair. As long as we have lived in San Diego, we have made one trip each year to the fair. I guess I'm a country girl at heart. Being from Iowa it should be expected. San Diego County Fair is a little more city than what I'm used too. Lots of food booths, rides, and vendors. Always a ton of people. Sunday was not an exception. It was a little overwhelming. I was kind of over it by the end of the day.

Every year there is a theme. Out of This World is the theme for 2012.

There is a lot of space stuff in the main exhibit hall. I cannot make sense of it. Boys loved it but not my thing!

My favorite things to see are the photography exhibit and the collection displays. It's so interesting to see what people collect. My favorite this year was a collection of geo- caches. We have been thinking about trying out geocaching for awhile. I put it on our summer bucket list so I think this might be the year!

We always love to see the animals. My daughter is such an animal lover. I got this cute photo of her with the goat. This same goat who was trying to eat the shirt off my husband's back. Don't let that sweet face fool you...on either one.

The goats were feisty, the chickens fancy, and the baby ducks were a hit with my daughter. Do you think we could sneak baby ducks into military housing?

You always have to check out the fair food. I was most impressed with the Bacon A-Fair. I left my heart in tact and skipped this booth.

Here is another impressive food booth.

Other than food, the rides are something to investigate at the fair. Father and son stood in line FOREVER for the chance to race soapbox derby cars for free...BOYS!

And the winner is...

There was one paid ride he asked his dad to ride. It makes me sick just looking at this picture. This ride twists you this way and that. Proof enough is all the coins laying on the ground under the ride. Yikes!

All this fun was to celebrate my husband and the father of our three fun, energetic children. He is awesome. He takes such good care of all of us. In fact, I struggled to take care of him on Father's Day because I'm so inexperienced. We are lucky to have him.

Baby, you are an...

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