Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Do You Live At The Beach?

If you follow me on Instagram, the question may have crossed your mind. I've been posting a lot of pictures of our walks along the Carolina coastline. The answer is no but kind of yes. One of those PCS woahs--turning lemons into lemonade- kind of things. We are waiting on our permanent house here so instead of continuing to slowly run our family dynamic into the ground we got a house on the beach.

The house is a little lack luster. An 80s throwback really, but everyone has their own bed and the dog is allowed. Honestly, it's cheaper than a hotel room, so no complaints! The back porch faces out towards the Atlantic Intercostal Waterway (not sure if I'm saying that correctly) and the front of the house faces towards the Atlantic Ocean. We are on an island that is no more than 4 city blocks wide. The beach is close and the weather is warm (aka humid). So the beach it is!!

Our pathway to the ocean

The other reason for all our beaching-ness is the lack of entertainment. I can not express to you how small this town is. I'm not referring to Jacksonville which is big is size but the small town where we will make our home. People, there isn't even a Walmart in this town, and I thought every town had a Walmart!?! I have to drive 26 miles to go to Target which is my store (despite the controversy).

It is very clear to me I will need a hobby and a job and some friends ASAP. My sanity depends on it.


  1. That looks like Emerald Isle where my parents live! We used to vacation there every summer, and then my parents moved down there. We love visiting!

  2. Another comment to add - my sister in law would be a great resource for the area. She is also a Marine wife, and owns a pet care business! Come find us on FB and we'll get you some friends (and maybe some job connections!).

  3. Are you in the area of Morehead City by chance?! We spent my summers as a kid at our beach house on Atlantic Beach and like you said -- there is nothing for miles! LOL

  4. It looks pretty at least! And at least there IS a beach... you could be stuck in the middle-of-nowhere, America with no walmart and no beach! Are you going to look into the same kind of job that you had in CA?