Friday, March 27, 2015

Short Hair Don't Care!

I promised myself only fun and relaxation for Spring Break. A few hours at the salon fits the criteria.
I wanted a big hair change. Something shorter and a little trendier than a standard cut. I hoped it would be short enough to get rid off all my previously (faded) colored hair. Which it was!

I don't have a lot of time in the morning for hair styling. My overall morning routine needs to fit into 30-40 minutes from start to finish.  On paper it seems like enough time but after incorporating kids into that routine it's dramatically shortened! Many minutes spent shoo-ing children out the door trying to account for lunches, backpacks, get the idea. I find myself defaulting to hair clips and ponytails more days than not. Which does not do my any favors when trying to look professional. So, chop-chop.

What I started with:

What I wanted:

What I ended with:

I was more than happy. The look is lighter and more flattering, I think. 
I passed the 'Styled Myself' test on Tuesday. My hair wasn't as smooth or shiny as my salon hair but the 2nd day is always better ;)

I finally found a local stylist I like. The next step might be color.