Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ricardo A Breceda Sculpture Garden

We ran into our old neighbors from Camp Pen a few weeks ago here in town. It was a Friday night and they were "escaping" the confines of the base to try out a new restaurant. It's always strange to think no matter what size community you live in, there is a certain need to "escape" every once in awhile. No matter how lovely or how ugly the current life station is, we should be encouraged to make the most of it. Here is your encouragement ;)

It's no secret I have an adventurous side. On the regular, I may not necessarily need to get out of town but I want to see something new! When I'm on a break from work, I want to explore. It's the way I refresh. Recently,  I found some information about a local art display by Ricardo Breceda. This artist is a genius with metal. I first saw his work on Ramblings of a Marine Wife blog when she roadtripped out to the desert and posted these amazing pictures of his sculptures in Borrengo Springs. I was intrigued. Only recently did I discover he is a local artist with his own display nearby. I knew I couldn't convince my husband to take me on a road trip to the desert but down the road would be no problem.

On the outskirts, you will find the sculpture garden. It's not a large area but there is plenty to see. It took about 20 minutes to walk around the grounds. The kids were entertained and the adults too. A great way to break up a slow paced weekend day!



  1. Ha! I just wrote my post about our trip there, then I go to read blogs and see you beat me to it! We have different pictures though, so it's all good. Did you see all the little dog looking animals by the building? They were like 18" tall. I really wanted one. They were so cute!!

  2. That is pretty neat! You guys have so many interesting things to do over there!