Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preparing for Deployment

Deployment is fast approaching in our house. It’s the dreaded end to months of work-ups. I am finally at the “please leave now” stage. Ok…deep down…I really want him to stay but that is not an option.


According to the official emotional cycle of deployment, I am in the pre-deployment stage of Anticipation of Separation. I value the term; it justifies my ‘craziness’. Ready to emotionally detach and start coping with goodbye. 

This is soon to be me:

After four deployments, I hoped I would be able to recognize, prepare, and prevent these negative feelings. But I fall victim to the cycle every time. I get caught up like it’s the first time. I can stand myself for a week before I become proactive and get over it. After spending two hours at the library crying over the cart of deployment books for kids, I decided ‘we’ need a plan. A plan to maximize our family time and get through one more training exercise.

My plan of action:

1. Family activities. Three weeks left until school begins, and a final work up for my husband. I have a list of family-focused activities to make time go quickly.

2. Marine & Family classes. After my breakdown at the library I decided knowledge is power. I signed everyone up for age appropriate classes about deployment and military lifestyle.

3. Get crafty. I have a few kid-friendly projects we can make for dad. I want the kids to feel part of the preparations for this deployment. 

4. Create a family plan for the deployment. I am a list maker and planner. I need routines and milestones to note the passage of time. The kids and I have already decided on aweekly family night to mark each passing week in a positive way. Our night will be devoted to laughter, pizza, and a show with “America’s Funniest” in the title.

It may not be an extraordinary plan but it is giving me a little comfort for now. A little list to keep me moving forward when I really just want to bury my head in the ground.  


  1. Praying for comfort, peace and enjoying the now moments. I so admire military wives (as well as those in the military)! Your plans sound great and I love the idea of the weekly family night!

  2. Erin, thank you for the kind words. I hope family nights work out as well as I imagine! However, with pizza my kids should be happy.