Friday, December 7, 2012

InstaFriday: Around the house

Are you familiar with Instagram? It's a social media outlet similar to 
Facebook & Twitter. 
The focus is pictures. It's short, sweet, and to the point. 
I use Instagram to post some of the everyday happenings at home.
If you would like to follow, my user name is semperfifam.
Next week, I will be temporarily making my account private. 
Which means you have to follow to view my pictures. 
This week I've been documenting Elf on the Shelf's mischief around the house.
The kids weren't too keen on his arrival but have warmed to his antics.
He is setting the tone for a joyous holiday season. 
As always, my kids take center stage. Can you tell who our family clown is? 

There really is no explanation needed 
for the above picture.
Love it!



  1. Love the pictures...that elf sure gets around. :)

  2. Following you on instagram now (I'm Lagjeg on there). Your elf is super busy. I've taken a few pics of our elf but sometimes I forget. He was a real pain last night, because at 11 pm when I was about to fall asleep I realized he hadn't moved yet. UGH! I should just set my alarm to remind me to do it right after they go to bed ;)

  3. I love your Christmas decorations and I seriously want kids just so I can do the elf. lol

  4. Cute photos! I love the elf on the shelf idea! So fun! By the way, I sent you an email about your upcoming group sponsor feature on my blog...did you happen to get it? The post will go live this Saturday! :)