Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Teacher Gift {Pinterest Style}

Posts seem to be few and far between these past two weeks. I apologize. I've been busy with the kids, life, and preparing for Christmas. However, I understand how blog reading fits into a daily schedule and not having new posts messes with the system. Oh, that doesn't happen to you?!? Um, me neither!

Today I'm cleaning and purging all the stuff just sitting collecting dust. My mom is coming to visit next week and my mother in law soon after. The pressure! I already have one de-merit from the MIL because I don't have cable. Who am I kidding I have at least 20 prior offenses. Regardless, my husband's mother is a self-proclaimed reality television junkie. Without cable, I am hugging the line of "good" daughter-in-law behavior.

Christmas shopping is becoming an epic fail. I desperately wanted to have shopping completed this week. There is no chance of it. I'm now concentrating on teacher's gifts. Here is my go-to teacher gift this year.


Here is my go-to gift for the neighbors.


That is all my friends. I will see you Friday when I post my phone pictures from the week. 
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  1. Love the gifts, oh and if my MIL wasn't happy that we didn't have cable I would happily send her to a hotel. :)

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  3. darling gift! wish i was your neighbor right about now.. :)
    cute blog, we are now following! xo
    ps come enter our fun giveaway today!

  4. As a teacher, that's a good gift! I've received some pretty 'not good' gifts, but cookies are always great! :)